I don’t often show this side of myself openly any more. Truth be told, I’m a bit of a shy guy. I do so today to try to get a point across. If it helps even one person take their Power, take their health back, it’s totally worth it.

I’m 41.

I feel stronger, healthier, and have more energy than most 20 year olds.

In fact I dare, I challenge the young guys at the gym to keep up. Most of them can’t….

and feel like I’ve only just begun. This is nothing compared to what I am truly capable of.

THIS IS MY MINDSET. This is how I approach my life in all aspects.

I don’t mention this to say ‘look at me’, I mention it, because if I can do it, if I can feel better, stronger, healthier, happier, more abundant, than you can to!!

Anyone Can! I’m nothing special, I have no special talents or hidden abilities. I’ve simply applied my mind, changed my perspective and the results have followed, again in all areas.

So what do you say? Are you ready to take your health, your wealth, and your life back?!

It is said that as we age chronologically that we must slow down, get weaker, take it easy, our bodies can’t do what they once could, etc…

To that, I call BULLSHIT!

Our external world is a product of our internal world. What I mean is that our external world and environment really is a mirror of what’s going on inside. If you don’t like what you are experiencing, seeing, your results, etc, you must first change what’s going on inside.

An example would be trying to change the color of your hair (I don’t have this problem:), by applying the hair dye directly to the mirror and expecting it to change on your person.

No, you first must apply the changes to the inside. Huxley, the great english writer said, “There is only one corner of the Universe we can change and that’s our own-selves.”

When you apply these changes in your mindset, how you view yourself, and your health, It enables you to apply those changes so that the mirror begins to reflect more accurately what’s going on inside.

As your perspective shifts, so does your relationship to yourself, your health, your wealth, to others and even to your reality.

Gratitude IS Key

Having gratitude for where you are in your journey is extremely important as you move toward your health and lifestyle goals. Having gratitude for where you are and what you currently have (in all facets of life), will bring you into a feeling, frequency or vibration of being able to accept more of what you are grateful for.

For example, if you are grateful for your current health, bodyfat, strength, etc, the Universe will give you more of what you are focusing on, more of what you are grateful for.

It shifts your perspective or vibration from lack and scarcity to abundance.

Discipline, Patience Creates Understanding & Results

As you move through the process of creating your healthiest you, changing the inside, thereby creating the results you want to see on the outside, if you do so with gentle, yet firm discipline (you’re creating new habits here, so you are bound to make mistakes or have ‘misses’, that’s where the gentleness comes in) and patience (you didn’t achieve the results you have now all at once, nor will you improve those results all at once), creates a new understanding and ultimately the new results that you desire.

It never hurts having support along your journey either!


If you’re tired of being told you have to slow down, feel like you want to take your health back, are looking to push the boundaries of what you believe is possible, want to create optimal health, strength, energy and be inspired…

Let’s go on a journey together…

I’ll create a closed Facebook Group and provide all of the nutrition components as well as workouts, insights, tips, answer questions, etc.

Men and Women Welcome.

We’ll help hold each other accountable, share photos, encouragement and much more.

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