If happiness comes from within, then so does success.

Over the course of this year long mentorship program, we’ll be working from this guise – that success comes from within. As we continue to optimize how we think and feel (function), the belief continues to build that we can accomplish anything.
The Mentorship Program is a biweekly program designed to take you from where you are in your life to where you want to go.
All sessions will be recorded and in group format online.
It will be a combination of materials designed to get you thinking about where you want to go in all areas of your life, financially, business, health, relationships with yourself and others.
Most people don’t really make time to ask themselves what they really, truly desire these areas to look like. Most people don’t take the time to really connect with their passion, purpose driven desires, or know what their story is, or cultivate a life plan that they aspire to.
So, we’ll carve out time to ask these important questions, delve into lessons and exercises to cultivate the answers, while creating new habits for optimizing health, money…new and better results in general – in all areas. We’ll have a set schedule creating accountability and guidance to take you deeper into knowing yourself generating awareness the ability to integrate new perspectives and habits that generate profound results that enable you to improve any area of your life you desire.
Educational tools and guidance ranging from neurology and quantum physics to nutrition, training, meditation and more.
That’s the premise that I’ll work with YOU on over the next year.
Why don’t we set aside some time to speak that way I can answer any questions you may have.

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General Contact

Modern Day Samurai Health & Lifestyle Optimizing Mentorship

All New Start Dates

July 2, 2018 Monday’s @ 7pm EST

Sept 17, 2018 Monday’s @ 7pm EST

Jan 15, 2019 Tuesday’s @ 7pm EST

April 2, 2019 Tuesday’s @ 7pm EST

Program Orientation:

Mentorship is to do with success coming / beginning from within – optimizing the mind, body spirit connection or matrix from which we are made.

As you optimize the engine, your belief in what is possible, in yourself can be fully realized and begins to take on a life of it’s own from there.

Modern Day Samurai Coaching Materials:


  • 12 months of group coaching.
  • Biweekly recorded session
  • Closed FB Group
  • Materials, lessons, slides, group discussion, recorded sessions

Group Coaching Sessions:

  • Up to 120 minute group session one time every 2 weeks for 52 weeks.
  • Access to course materials for repetition
  • 15 minute one on one coaching calls to delve into your situation directly – get you unstuck

We’ll cover and cultivate;

Connecting and healing deep within, Overwriting the existing paradigm/program

Begins with a thought – plant the seed and watch it grow

Cultivating YOUR story

Creating your higher principles

Understanding how the mind works

What’s your perfect day,

Your life plan

13 virtues

Mission statement for Your life

Obituary – your why

Neurology and physiology  – braver man test – brainwave entrainment

Using Auto suggestion, visualization

Self image lesson

Quantum physics – epigenetic – Creating Faith

Purpose, passion driven desires, goals, envisioning c goals

Whats giving you energy , what’s taking it away

Schedule creation – creating new habits to serve you better

Staying motivated, continuing to allow, connecting and being, versus doing and forcing

Implementing health and nutrition – how, when, what

Energetics, energy, meditation

The quantum field, getting behind the veil, connecting with higher power, getting it to communicate and show us daily.

Biophysics – optimizing the engine – mitochondria function

Breath work

Flowing back and fourth between surrendering and receiving, connecting and allowing, envisioning, visualizing and manifesting.

Congratulations on your commitment to unprecedented growth for YOU, this year. It’s going to be an exciting year of introspection and manifestation.

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