The Time IS Now

It has taken decades and hundreds of thousands of hours training body, mind, and spirit, literally overcoming aspects of myself each and every day.

I have distilled decades of learning into a wellness roadmap to elevate YOU, as WE journey into alignment with the global shift toward co-creative consciousness.

I am dedicated to service — anywhere, everywhere, to anyone. My mission is to re-establish Universal Love and guide others to activate their superhuman potential. I practice control of the body with mind and mind with body, working from the outside in to realign the mental and spiritual by honing the physical.

Gentle movement and meditation are beautiful and necessary components of a healthy lifestyle, but dynamic change requires dynamic work! Working with me isn’t just about Yoga and moving with ease, it’s about pushing boundaries, testing limits and reaching new levels of quantifiable physical and spiritual achievement.

We are corporeal beings, and while the pendulum has swung heavily in the direction of flexibility training, the value in building strength and power is irreplaceable.

I have been doing this literally since I was able to walk. Ice skating came naturally to me at three years old.

This is high-intensity resistance training for the body, mind and spirit. I aim at restoring equilibrium in the wellness community, teaching that there are no shortcuts, and that the journey to peak human mastery takes consistent, concerted, and committed effort — and time.

“Integration throughout every aspect of our bodies will become increasingly important as we continue to shift into an Ascended Master Planet.

We are all Ascended Masters already or we wouldn’t be on this planet. It is my passion and pleasure to guide you in remembrance of what you already know and who you already are.”

Within the space that is me, I honor the space within you.

I value;

Discipline: the ability to give yourself an action oriented intention with the decisiveness to move forward with diligence, dedication and delight.

Dedication: long and diligent perseverance toward the betterment and attainment of one’s highest self through intended, disciplined actions from a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical premise.

Commitment: one’s ability to stay the course with dedication and discipline to achieve one’s intentions, particularly to do with what’s in one’s heart.

Truth: the ability to connect with and follow what’s in one’s heart, while simultaneously turning off the mental chatter. honoring self first, then all others

Honor: walking with integrity. saying what one is going to do and following through to always do what one says. protecting those who cannot protect themselves, always walking in right action irrespective of what the ‘popular’ vote may be

Humility: the only one who needs work done on themselves is me, until someone tells me otherwise. until then, I am the only thing imperfect in this world and as such, I continue to work on me.

Our bodies are the most intelligent thing we have. We must be willing to commit to the work mentally, emotionally, spiritually and then anchor those teachings into our physicality with intentional, vigorous, mindful and intense movement so as to become the embodiment of those divine lessons in physical form. If you are ready for an epically intense, yet wondrously beautiful and profound journey, please connect with me.

I honor and can’t wait to meet you!