What if you were sick and didn’t know it?

What if what you thought was ‘normal’, was ‘real life’, was in fact a sickness imperceivable to your consciousness?

What if what you thought was ‘school’, ‘working hard’, ‘making money to provide yourself and your family the means to have nice things’, was actually a type of forgetfulness?

What if the drama in your life, the arguments and fights, the need to be right, the grudges, all of the pain and suffering were a veil befallen you, through no fault of your own?

What if the shopping and the games, the t.v and the shows, the politics and sports were all apart of a larger than life dream that felt so real and it was all you could perceive?

What if your beliefs such as ‘we have to work hard to make things happen’, ‘there is no God’ or ‘God is a religious figure in the clouds that we must heed’, or ‘as we age, our body’s break down’, illness is hereditary, pain and disease in the body is natural, depression and anxiety disorders are normal occurrences…what if these and so many others are all misconceptions that came in a great fall from our actual consciousness?

What if you were actually a divine being of light whose sole purpose was to assist and love others or build galaxies and planets of beauty or spread love and light throughout the Universe and yet, like a heavy mist, a fog of wet sand and cement has blown over and ontop of you, covering you, weighing you down, until all that is left is this density and heft – one that we call matter – and a perception that this is all that there is?

What if all of your searching and discontentment and distractions were actually there to help awaken you? Set you on the right path? Get you to remember?

What if you began to remember what and who you really are?

What if you began to again, see through the veil of forgetfulness and reach for the light?

What if all you really were was actually love and light…and stardust?

What if your body could heal itself and you gained more and more awareness of who you really are?

What if you got lighter and lighter and could elevate your vibrational frequency as your original awareness sifted back into your consciousness?

What if your body could heal and you could feel love from the depths of you and share that with those you cared for without condition?

What if you could remember that you are not alone, that you are not separate and that we are all one?

What if you realized that you are more than your work, your pains, your sicknesses, your thoughts and fears?

And what if you were able to sort through and let go of these hurts and pains, the sicknesses and drudgery, the thoughts and fears?

What if you realized you could stay youthful forever?

What if you realized that there is a deeper connection to be had with everyone and that life was meant to be a joyous, abundant, healing, blessed journey of continued growth, happiness and evolutionary self discovery?

What if you were able to grow exponentially your mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual essences, accessing the power – the true power – within you and in return for your willingness to grow and heal, you could then affect others to the same degree and assist them in their healing journey?

What if you could live the life of your dreams, doing what you love, living your purpose with passion and meaning, all the while assisting others in their journey to increasing awareness, light and love?

What if the earth was originally built as a haven, an escape within the Universe to experience physicality, unwavering and unmatched beauty, and all of the treasures of the human form and this planet that so many of us take for granted today?

What if you originally chose to be here because you thought you could help us avoid the fall?

What if, when you remember who you really are, you still have the opportunity to create that heaven here on the earth?

What if I told you that heaven was in fact here on earth and that time is now – right now?

What if all of this true?

What would you do?

Wouldn’t you do anything to find out?

What if…???