Did you realize that you’ve been programmed since birth? Through no fault of anyone’s, you began your life completely on autopilot. Completely in the subconscious mind. You see, that’s how we learn. 0-2 years old we are in Delta Brainwave Pattern – typically reserved for deep sleep and repairing internal clocks, resetting the system so to speak. From 2-7 we are in Theta Pattern – literally recording everything going on around us.

The first interaction between a male-female, gave us our understanding of what a relationship should become, our parents feelings about themselves, money, health, work, and others all become embedded into us. It becomes our operating system – for most people, by the age of 35, it becomes 90-95 % of who they are, how they see themselves and how they relate in their lives. They hit the AUTOPILOT button again to become very, very predictable and habitual 95 % of every single day.

This is literally why it is said “you are so much like your mom”, or “he’s so much like his dad”…you literally become most like that which you grew up around, like you were programmed with.

And each of us, including our parents, and our parents, parents and their parents and so on and so forth are passing down these same traits, same thoughts of limitation, same fears and anxieties. 

The way it has always been, because that’s where OUR LEVEL OF AWARENESS has been. That’s where our limited understanding and perception of WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE’RE CAPABLE OF, up to this point in our evolutionary history has been.

Now, here’s the exciting part.

We have realized that we truly are Spiritual BEings, having a physical experience. The intersection of science and Spirituality is happening in a way, that perhaps has never happened before in our history – at least not for a very, very, very, very long time.

All of the new sciences, the quantum, metaphysical and energy sciences are proving beyond a shadow of doubt that TRUE POWER, is and always has been WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!

We can reprogram our subconscious mind. All of the new sciences are proving that we literally can rewire our brains and bodies. We can make thought more real than anything else!

No longer do we have to believe in a predestination toward a fate, pattern, or even disease that ‘runs in the family’. NO!! By choosing what we think about, where we place our focus (and therefore our energy), we have the power to create and strengthen (fire and hardwire) new neurology in the brain

– which then creates new physiology (chemical responses known as feelings) in the body

– to very literally signal new genes in new ways (sending a cascade of healthy proteins into the body).

The Result? 

We turn off old cells, old proteins and turn on new ones. 

Our thoughts can literally make us sick or make us healthy!!

That is just the beginning! If our thoughts can make us healthier, what else besides our health can we manifest with our thoughts?

More money, a new career, greater feelings of love, wholeness, worthiness?

Could we create the love of our life and the life that we truly love?

What if Heaven and Hell weren’t some place that we went to when we died?

What if we interpreted it all wrong?

What if Heaven or Hell is here now? 

Perhaps God is truly within and that by what we choose to focus on, we literally create Heaven or Hell, first within and then the mirror that is our reality reflects that back to us??!

What if by choosing to let the old programs run from our subconscious mind, effectually rendering us unconscious 90-95% of every single day, we, by default are choosing patterns, pain, predictability, struggle, stress, less health, and more overwhelm – our version of Hell?

What if you knew all of this and could barter for a better deal for yourself? Would you?

Would you do what it took? Would you seek those that are doing it, invest in yourself, for yourself, for your family, for your future?

If you could truly take your wishes, desires and dreams and turn those into your programs – your subconscious, habitual way of being, thinking and living 90-95% of every single day…


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