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Cohesion and consistency are the core principles underpinning achievement; internal and external systems must all work harmonically to produce excellence. In striving for self-mastery, we must cultivate both the mind and the body.

From a variety of perspectives and angles, Lee will weave together workshops and keynote addresses to transform, inspire and motivate your audience to take actionable steps toward excellence and self mastery within and for themselves, and also on behalf of humanity and the planet.

You can choose from Lee’s series of topics below, or you can discuss an alternative that is close to your heart.

Keynote, Speeches & Workshops


Taking the bold next steps toward health and wellness requires balance. An equilibrium of self-improvement modalities is required to maintain the synchronistic function of the mind, body, and spirit. This workshop focuses on the incorporation of multiple facilities into a coincident, integrated, personalized practice, including meditation, energy work, movement, and advanced breathing exercises, to reconnect with your humanness, recognize and appreciate the gift of life, and become a better you.


The time is now A look at the big picture and working theories for creating a new paradigm – a new world. One based in Truth rather than deceit, Collaboration and Co-creation instead of competition, and Preventative health and consciousness practices over reactionary measures. With the inclusion of a proposed new governance model, revised Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, John Nash’s revision of Adam Smith, The Woke online platform, and Odyssey Council, we have the pieces and number of communities and individuals now to catalyze a systemic, altruistic, new societal model and standards of living for all of the people and planet at large.


Lee will guide participants through an introduction to valuable tools and practices for cultivating physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. These fundamental techniques — including breath-work, meditation, movement, and thorough revaluation of thoughts and paradigms — are a stable foundation for discovering and constructing a better self. Begin the journey to wellness with discipline, honour, integrity, and a clear and powerful roadmap to becoming a Modern-Day Samurai.


What if there was a Future Self that has planned every for us, on our behalf for our highest good? This Future Self has learned to navigate the quantum realm. Meaning, he/she has learned to stay uber present in each generous moment, has learned to connect fully to the quantum field (energy/frequency/information), and higher degrees of oneness, wholeness, love, worthiness, joy, abundance, etc, etc and has BE-come the instantaneous creator of ‘its’ desires.

A new perspective on how to come into alignment with your Future Self, take your power back, responsibility for where you are, where you’re going and become fully the creator of your dream life and all that’s in your heart.

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