We are living in a period of quantum transformation. I, like many envision a new future. The future is actually the energy field of the next stage of human evolution. Revelation is unfolding in evolution of Super Human. This invitation goes out to all pioneering souls who are ready to join me on this journey.

Are you ready to de- stress and step into abundance and ease? Are you tired of playing the victim and want to be the victor? 2020 is the year to feel your best, to transform, and ultimately become SUPERHUMAN! The POWER IS WITHIN YOU and my specially curated experiences will ACTIVATE YOU!

Step into serenity and hone your mind and body on retreat, in paradise.

From Our Roots to Becoming

We live in a society that neglects ritual initiations and perilously denies our place within the larger scope of Nature by assuming to assert sovereignty over it, constantly attempting to sidestep our own animal characteristics and all that it entails.

We must return to a relationship of interdependence and equitable coexistence with all living things sharing this planet with us. To acknowledge this relationship by acknowledging our own wildness removes us from center stage on Planet Earth. It makes us part of the great unfolding of Life as opposed to the reason for it.

The Western and Eastern worlds are co-creating a modern upgrade of the ancient path of the shaman with the focus on who we are and who we are becoming

Accomplishment Comes From Within

The only true sense of accomplishment can come from the journey within – although externally gratifying endeavours eg. creating a strong, healthy physique, competing in a physically demanding event to see where we ‘stack up’, brings only a fleeting sense of accomplishment and leaves us feeling ultimately empty.

The external desire to accumulate or the pursuit (of money, beautiful physique, etc) is not the goal, yet – with mindfulness – can lead one back to the internal pursuit of achieving happiness – people realize that fulfillment does not lie without, it lies within.

Happiness on the outside is transient, while happiness on the inside is something we already are – at our core. It’s WHO WE ARE WHEN WE ARE BORN.

Any experience can be the most unconscious thing you do (get out of your head, leave your stress behind, let out aggression), or an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Most are just acting on WHAT THEY THINK IS CORRECT.

You’ll learn to forget everything YOU THINK YOU KNOW, to become mindful – connecting to what you are doing – to who you are BE-ing or are BE-coming in each situation – each moment. 

What To Expect

Participants are guided through efficient regimens of

  • breath-work
  • yoga
  • ice and heat therapy
  • bodywork
  • energy activations
  • meditations
  • rigorous conditioning

We’ll work collaboratively to deepen self-awareness, rediscover a spirit of vitality and wonderment, and set new standards for performance and personal mastery.

You will press your limits, recalibrate your lifestyle, and co-create sustainable and sensible practices to actualize new levels of strength and stillness. Lee aligns decades of experience in multi-disciplinary high-performance coaching with knowledge and mindful wisdom to curate a mutually-supported diversified experience.

With a balanced schedule of study, group discussion, and diligent, disciplined practice, you will be equipped with an abundant toolkit for crafting effective habits and techniques to embody in your  life when you arrive back home.

Experience With Purpose

We want to find our purpose, our right place, the right people to live and work with, the right work to do. We want to discover why we’re here, to be doing and living what we came here to do with the people we came here to do it with. We want to come into alignment with our highest good and destiny. We want to discover and live our soul’s purpose. We want to bring out and use all of the parts of us we’ve kept denied and tucked away. We don’t want to hear anything more about what we can’t do. We want to know what we can do and then we want to do it well. We want to stop exploiting and start exploring our gifts and talents, bringing them to the world. And we want to enjoy doing it. We want to have fun.

The “Universal Human” experiences unitive flashes, a sense of oneness with the divine, a feeling of connectedness with all beings, and a unique inner code urging us to participate in the evolution of self and the world.

Radical transformation — means radical change of form, the way a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly and accessing our Divine Human Blueprint, which is synonymous with our Divine Human Purpose.

My work with you is to help you to self support yourself and access your own spiritual authority and healing.

**Superhuman Activation Retreats are opportunities to see the world and discover what you’re truly passionate about – who you truly are**

The Finest Steel is Forged in The Hottest Fires

Challenge everything you think you know

Intentionally seek your struggles and your discipline, it will be your greatest opportunity for progress

Discipline leads to opportunity, growth and Self-mastery, while character of success is the accumulation of small victories daily and can only be recognized by placing oneself knowingly into opportunities for progress.

When you become unconscious,(happens when trying to numb the internal pain, life stress or angst from the past), we must search for things to make us feel better. We must reach for mindfulness and tools to activate our potential.

Pain is Simply Awareness

Is pain bad? What if it were just awareness? If you put your hand on a stove, pain is a warning to keep you safe. If you view pain as an opportunity for growth, becoming superhuman, overcoming boundaries and limitation, the awareness turns to ‘this is good for me’.

And so we will place you in the uncomfortable situations throughout our time together – then teach you to relax and stay there – becoming comfortable in the discomfort, then you become strong, where once you were weak.

You will create stability, mobility, flexibility, integrating body and mind, and the ability to be very relaxed – literally and metaphorically.

All of these trainings, and tools lead to equanimity which becomes your ability to be unfuckwithable.

 **If you want results, you would intentionally seek what’s hard

End result? You BE-come a better version of You**

**You Activate Your Superhuman You**

Celebrations of Life

Why spend life living in a box that society has created and says you need these things and ‘this’ is what success looks like…??

We should be celebrating – the likelihood of actually being alive?? 1 in 400 trillion! Celebrate you and your life as the miracle you truly. Use your physical form, take full advantage of it. Use your life as an adventure – every single day. 

Go find what brings you bliss. What brings you joy, acceptance and happiness.

Back to Nature, Back to Yourself

Surrounded by nature’s healing energy in some of the most beautiful places on the planet, cultivate the body, mind, and spirit with vigour and dedication. Take positive steps toward conscious awareness and manifest the best version of you with an actionable transformation strategy. Make the commitment to advance to the next stage, refine your body and mind, reconnect with nature, to Become Superhuman.

Designed to help you remember who and just how POWERFUL YOU REALLY ARE!

Immerse Yourself Into One of Our Transformative Experiences in Paradise