RAMP is based on sound science and is designed to increase Growth Hormone (GH) production naturally, increase strength and lean muscle rapidly and provides the variety in training necessary to allow you to continually progress, surpass plateaus and achieve the health and fitness level you’ve always desired!

RAMP is the first program designed with the crazy eights scientific formula to get you results faster than any program on the market! We guarantee it! The 3 sizzle video’s below will get you excited about your training.

The 5 workouts below are in order from beginning to advanced. All you need is a few pieces of small equipment and you’re ready to go!!

You can begin at home or you can take this to the gym! Ramp Manual is also available if you want to create your own workouts and keep things progressing!

With Ramp Training, you won’t ever be bored in the gym again!

Motivational montage of the RAMP Training system, the results you can expect and preview of 5 unique programs

Ramp Intro

RAMP is THE game changer! The MOST innovative & effective training system ever assembled.

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In Home Workouts

Warm Up Series

Great to begin here. Get the blood flowing and the body warmed up. It will begin to test you toward the end 🙂

Bodyweight Series

Now that you are warmed up, this one is great to do at home if you have little to no equipment. Great for beginners.

Medicine Ball Series

Terrific workout for beginner to advanced trainee. All you need is a medicine ball. As you advance, just increase the weight! 🙂

Kettle Bell Series

Beginner to advanced trainee. Increase the weight used as your skill and fitness level continue to improve.

Plyometric Series

Can challenge even the most advanced trainees. Too difficult, increase rest as required, Too easy decrease rest time and add weight to the plyo section.