We mapped out YOUR Hero’s Journey during 7 days and 6 nights of immersive, transformative healing and growth in beautiful Pavones, Costa Rica.

People shifted more in 7 days than they had in years and came away with some incredible perspectives and tools to implement into their lives at home

At Quantum Shift, we made #shifthappen

The Quantum Shift Experience

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We curated an experience for those ready to shift into a Quantum model of reality

Get beyond your senses 

From separation to oneness

Learn to Create the life you love

Crush limiting beliefs and patterns

Move from ordinary to extraordinary

Clarify, with confidence and create your future

Change your perception from human self to Universal Self

Passionately learn how to create and step into a future version of yourself

Learn various forms of meditation and breathing techniques to unlock greatness

Understanding neuro-physiology and the quantum model of reality (the new sciences)

A Journey To Your Future Self

1. Ordinary World – Newtonian Model (cultivating awareness)

Where the Hero’s (you) journey begins. Unaware of the adventures to come. “Safe”. Current, perceived capabilities and outlook on life. 


  • from ordinary to extraordinary
  • From old patterns to recreating your future
  • From Newtonian to Quantum
  • From perception human self (victim) to universal self (creator)
  • Separation to oneness / unity consciousness

2. Call To Adventure – Unsettled (understanding the quest that must be taken)

The Hero’s adventure begins. Called to action. Unsettled feelings, burning passions, searching for answers. An ultimate disruption of the ability to continue ‘living the ordinary’ any longer. A quest that must be undertaken.

  • Defining unconsciousness and consciousness
  • Egoic persona of who you think you are
  • The need to change, but not knowing how/where to begin 
  • Deeper understanding of Self – the quantum model
  • Letting go of old models. Learning new models.
  • Design component – vision boarding with mind maps
  • Old self image/ new self image
  • What are you called to create
  • Goal setting (as old self)

3. Refusal Of The Call (fears, where, why and how to overcome them)

Eager to accept the quest, yet fears preside. Second thoughts and deep personal doubts – where do they come from?  Comfort and routine, the destroyers of creativity and Purpose.

  • Self discovery
  • Addictions; old patterns, habits, people, places, things, routines
  • The cut-off, refusing/denying ourselves of greatness
  • Where programs come from (paradigms)
  • Brainwaves (how we are programmed and don’t deviate)
  • Addicted to the hormones of stress (dis-ease of energy)
  • Newtonian versus Quantum
  • Perceiving through the 5 senses versus tuning into the quantum field

4. The Mentor (tools, perspectives to align who you really are and what you’re truly capable of).

Hero gains objects, tools, insight, and practical training of great importance. Serving to dispel any doubts or fears of our Hero (you), giving you the strength and courage toward your quest.

  • Tools & Awareness session (meditation, training, breath-work, energy work)
  • Pushing boundaries (eradicating the old self, old beliefs, etc)
  • Get feedback on old self goals 

5. Crossing The Threshold (Manifestation – creating, walking into your future self – victim to victor)

Our Hero (You) acts and crosses the threshold between the old familiar self, and cultivating, feeling your way into your future self. Dwelling in the unknown and making contact with the quantum field of possibilities. 

  • Goals setting as new self (in new state of awareness) aka SET BIGGER FREAKIN GOALS :0
  • Beginning the manifestation process
  • Newtonian versus Quantum model
  • Old self views versus new views
  • What does ‘new model’, ‘new self’ look like, feel like?

6. Tests, Allies, Enemies (liberating energy, retraining the animal, anticipated obstacles – return home)

Awareness of unseen obstacles and challenges, on the journey towards your ultimate goal(s).

This is the stage where newly developed skills, routines, perspectives are tested.

  • Forgiveness/ Quantum Hooponopono
  • Emotion Mapping Process
  • Overriding existing paradigms, patterns, habits, beliefs – liberating energy
  • Return home (continuing momentum versus falling back)

7. Approach; The Inmost Cave (going deeper – the quantum world and your place in it) 

As we deepen our understanding, any inner internal conflicts (feelings, fears, wounding, etc) our Hero (You) have not had to face will surely surface as an opportunity to fully let go of the perceived persona of self and dive into the great unknown spirit self.

  • Even deeper
  • Meditation
  • Various perspectives 
  • Dive deep into who you really are (victim to victor, observer to creator)
  • Mind map – new goals

8. Ordeal (death of the old self – rise of superhero you)

Only through some form of “death” can the Hero (You) be reborn, experiencing a metaphorical resurrection that grants you greater power to create and obtain your future self. Say good-bye to your old you, hello superhero you.

  • Full on – All tools and perspectives
  • Surprise

9. Seizing The Sword (your passion, purpose driven desires/life – connecting through vibration)

The Hero (You) is transformed into a new state, emerging from battle as a stronger version of you.

Your sword may likely be in the form of greater knowledge/insight, an architecture to move forward, improved health and vitality, and other extraordinary  “treasures”, as we move through an invigorating week into the unknown.

  • New vision
  • New mission
  • New self
  • New timeline / schedule
  • Connecting to Higher Self
  • Passion, purpose driven desires 

10. The Road Back (support, back home)

Now our Hero (You) must return home, back to the beginning – the “Ordinary World”. You will have changed, but IT will remain the same and with that, you must choose everyday between the old and the new, between the current/past you and the future you. Between your perceived human objective or that of your Higher Self – your Spiritual journey.

  • Support systems
  • Keeping your vibe high
  • Keeping in touch with you new tribe

11. Resurrection (living the quantum reality versus newtonian)

Our Hero’s (You) existence is still in question, will you go back to the “Ordinary World” and old ways when you arrive home?

Or, will you succeed, overcome your perceived persona and emerge cleansed, healed and reborn? We have some exciting things in store to give you the challenge and experience of a lifetime.

  • Faces fears
  • Shattering paradigms
  • Changing your reality

12. Return With Elixir (manifesting at will – thought in the greater mind, fully connected to the field)

The final stage, Our Hero’s  (You) return home to your “Ordinary World”,  changed. You will have grown as a person, learned many things, faced the self, overcome death (of the old self) and a fresh start to a new life awaits. 

Your final reward may be literal or metaphoric. It will be cause for celebration, self-realization, self actualization, an end to strife, representing great change, success and proof of your journey.

Ultimately Our Hero (You) will return to where you started….but things will clearly never be the same again.

  • Group healing
  • New routine
  • New schedule
  • Implementation & execution  

Training Tools

  • Qi Gung and Energy Meditation 

  • Neuro-physiology of Habits & Pattern Creation 

  • The Quantum Model 

  • Manifesting from Your New Perspective  

  • Wim Hof Breath Work  

  • Ramp Fitness Theory & Training

  • Yoga

  • Training In Power

  • Brainwaves & Entrainment

  • Paradigms and How to Create Your Future Self

  • Scientific Method

  • Creating Balance with Biophysics

  • Tapping Into Your Passion/Purpose

Included at Quantum Shift

  • Meditation Journey
  • In depth exploration into who you are and what you’re capable of
  • Breathing techniques + Associated Physiological Understanding
  • Various Perspectives on Energy, Quantum Physics and Spirituality
  • Clarification on the ‘Picture of Reality’ and YOUR PLACE WITHIN IT
  • From Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary
  • Life Coaching
  • Luxury Accommodations – 6 night stay at 5 star retreat location
  • Follow up Support
  • Connection on FB group
  • Special Support Tools for Home

*Combining ‘pieces of the puzzle’ from leading experts and the most up-to-date scientific research from  around the world, merged with the life work and perspectives of Jonathan Fritzler and Lee Davy.

The result was full immersion into an experience, creating a deep knowing that we all come from the same ‘stuff’.  Understanding that ‘reality’ is 99.99999 % empty space (energy), allows us to regain control and take our power back, becoming co-creators in our own lives.

La Ponderosa Pavones Costa Rica

Your Guides

Lee Davy (Modern Day Samurai)

Leveraging a life-long quest and the fortunate ability to find himself in situations of study and learning with many of the true masters and thought leaders of our time in the areas of knowledge, healing, thinking, transformation, metaphysics, energy work, and other forms of Self- Mastery, Lee has spent nearly three decades gathering tools, doing deep internal work and finally creating his own content in preparation to teach what he has learned throughout 30 years of Self discovery and personal growth. “I wish only to share with you what I have learned over a life time of searching and studying the health, consciousness and healing arts. I wish for you to gain the same benefits and outlook that comes from working with and mastering the mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual mixture from which we are all made.”

Jonathan Fritzler (Mindlab founder)

Jonathan Fritzler is a business strategist and innovation expert. He has launched 7 companies, and has designed accredited curriculum for the Department of Education, Department of Defense and universities internationally. He is the author of “Hack Your Education” and co-founder of “The Mind Lab Institute”. Jonathan leads strategic planning sessions, teaches conscious entrepreneurship, and speaks internationally on the power of the mind. Jonathan utilizes the Mind Lab Methodology to integrate quantum theory, neuroscience, Heart-Mind research, and leading strategies in business innovation to help leaders grow their businesses in the emerging economies of the future. Jonathan has a deep passion for inspiring people achieve their greatest human potential.

Health & Consciousness

Take part in our luxurious and comfortable retreats for an entire week, as we assist you in setting the proper intentions and guide you toward an introspective and awareness expanding opportunity. The result is a deep connection between us and yourself and of course YOU with the deeper part of YOU.

Our health, lifestyle and consciousness engineers have a wealth of experience and expertise in the introspection, consciousness and healing arts, making our modern techniques for creating the life you love, unmatched anywhere in the world.

We greet you with a heart to heart connection, from a place of heart centred, heart first intention. We merely guide you on an inward journey of epic proportions of Self discovery, via proven techniques.

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