It is time for an optional “system” to our current one.

One that promotes collaboration over competition, preventative health, rather than reactionary, and education over concealment of knowledge and Truth.

Standing together, unified in our endeavours, in our goals, in our humanity, is the only true way forward. Standing together in unity, sharing our experience, finding our way back to oneness, opening doors to wisdom, once forgotten, but that are now being remembered and stepping into a Co-Creative Spirit is what this unprecedented period in time calls for.

Together, united, there is nothing we cannot overcome, nothing we cannot accomplish.

Despite growth factors and size of operation in any sector, under the current, competitive societal model, individual organizations lack the resources and inertia necessary to create an option to the monopoly of companies, governments and families that dominate the current global market place or “the system”.

The CCS is a collaboration of organizations, companies and individuals that already stand for change, across a multitude of sectors (be it preventative health and lifestyle, infrastructure, free energy, consciousness, sustainable living, education, etc) uniting to create the intention of unification and therefore emergence of new standards and societal ‘norms’ (models).

As We gain awareness that under the current societal model, we cannot win (greater separation and economic divide, a ‘ruling class’, etc) and that necessary changes can be made by following our hearts and intuitions, we can expedite, with our intentions to an unprecedented rate, the change that we long for and in this lifetime.

The CCS is made up of smaller systems and companies. Other divisions incorporating food, infrastructure and all living necessities are paramount to the success of the CCS.

Below is a living, growing list of organizations that we support and or are directly involved with. Please avail yourself of the organizations and connect with any support you feel called to offer.

Together We Are Stronger

A Greater Good Foundation
Collective Evolution
Let’s Imagine
Imiloa Institute
Thrive Movement