It is time for a NEW Societal model or “system”.

One embodying collaboration over competition, preventative health, not reactionary, and Truth over deciept.

Together, unified in our endeavours, our goals, humanity as one, is the only true way forward. Standing in unity, sharing, experiencing, finding our way back to oneness, opening doors to wisdom, once forgotten, and stepping into a Co-Creative Spirit is what this unprecedented period in time calls for.

Together, united, there is nothing we cannot overcome, nothing we cannot accomplish.

In the current, competitive societal model, individual -change- organizations lack the resources and global reach necessary to create an alternative option to the monopoly of companies, governments and families that dominate and coincidentally make-up the current global marketplace or “system”.

To create global impact, shift consciousness, and regenerate health and infrastructure, a revolutionary transition in perspective needs to occur in order to take us where we long to be.

A call for the collaboration of organizations, and individuals, already standing for change, across a multitude of sectors (preventative health, lifestyle, infrastructure, free-energy, community, sustainable living, education, technology, etc) uniting, creating one global platform – an option or new “societal model”.

As WE grow in awareness that the current societal model, creates separation, economic divide, sickness, and competition, and that necessary changes can be made by following our hearts and intuitions, we can expedite to an unprecedented rate, the change that we long for and in this lifetime.

Below is a living, growing list of organizations that we support and or are directly involved with. Please avail yourself of the organizations and connect with any support you feel called to offer.

Together We Are Stronger

A Greater Good Foundation
Collective Evolution
Imiloa Institute
Thrive Movement
Your organization Here