MDS Coaches Program

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So you want to be a Modern Day Samurai Coach? First of all let us say how honoured we feel that you have chosen to coach alongside us. Secondly, let us congratulate you in taking this step in your personal development, while focusing on the even bigger picture of helping others. We have no doubt that you will build a long, successful and abundant career as a Personal Coach.

Your first step to becoming a certified MDS coach is to fill out the application and write a short essay. The essay should contain info about your background, what becoming a Modern Day Samurai Coach means to you, why you want it, what you want to achieve and whom you plan to help once you begin your coaching career.

The other things you can do…begin to learn as much as you can informally from the MDS platforms, workouts, meditations, post your results, experience on social media to plant the seeds and help others in their motivation to transform.

Steps to Becoming An MDS Coach


Complete the general application and essay

Phone Interview

A phone interview with MDS

License Agreement

E-sign Licensing agreement


Submit payment for 1st year affiliate coach

Become the Product

Delve into courses, tools and programs

Become the Coach

Acquire clients, begin coaching

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