Lee Davy is a hybrid-aggregate wellness specialist.  Lee is able to connect the dots, see the bigger picture, and look beyond specific specialism and ‘see how it all joins up’. Retaining the capacity to connect the evidence from a wide variety of sources and piece together what it all might mean for both, the individual and the future of humanity.

He has been a trainer of trainers and coach of coaches for decades, passionately edifying clients with his unique coalescence of mindful practices and fierce conditioning regimens. A former “gym guy,” Lee owned and operated the Dynamic Conditioning Centre, a multi-disciplinary fitness facility, for over 10 years in Toronto, Canada, where he trained a diverse array of top performers to shed paradigms, release perceived boundaries, and reach new levels of athletic exceptionalism.  He has studied the great masters of history exhaustively, compiling his work into two books, Conscious Endeavor and Life the Dance; Philosophies of Navigation, Understanding & Expression, and has published a home training manual, Ramp, a number of online fitness courses and guided meditations, and Recess, a specialized health curriculum for children and youth.

Lee speaks at wellness seminars and conferences worldwide, is a founding family member of the Imiloa Institute, member of the Core Council of Odyssey, Co-Founder of Woke Online, runs a regular series of personal development retreats, workshops and one day events  in Costa Rica and other paradise destinations around the world, and works directly with a selection of private clients.  He is the architect of a balanced schedule of physical training, breathwork, ice therapy, dietary analysis and adjustment, meditation, energy healing, mindfulness, study, and medicinal guided plant journeys tailored to the needs of each individual seeking a new plateau of autogenous expertise.

His method collaboratively reawakens an inquisitive, playful spirit of discovery and consciousness through discipline, honour, and relentless integrity.  He catalyzes the co-creation of a better self, and the reconstruction of our natural attunement to right action and practices.

The power to actualize the greater self is dormant in everyone.  With symmetrized coaction, the uniting of mind, body, spirit, and purpose in a cooperative enterprise within ourselves and with one another, we can transform into the adept and robust beings we are meant to be.  Working with Lee Davy is the potent first step.  He is here now to lead us on our sacred journey to open the mind, honour the spirit, and hone the physical, as we once again become the embodiment of Divinity in physical form.

“Let’s come back to KNOWING OURSELVES”

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The Time Is Now

Activation Chart

This chart is the actualization of my journey over the last 30 years and my transition from my perception of who I thought I was – the human into the activation of my superhuman within. This is what is available to each one of us. I truly believe there is a superhuman within each and every one of us, it’s often just covered with so many beliefs, thoughts and projections – most of which aren’t even ours – that we can’t see the true magic and power within that is our birthright.

If you’ll honour me, I’d love to walk with you on your journey back to unlocking the superhuman within you!

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The “Human” is the programmed Self, all of our beliefs, worries, fears, unworthiness, the seeking, searching, pointing fingers, blaming, accusing, needing approval, feeling unsupported and alone, filled with doubts..we all have many of these traits, beliefs and thoughts. It’s called collective programming and these programs are instilled in us as soon as we’re born.

Moving to Superhuman is a realization and motion away from the above, utilizing tools from science, breath, meditation, movement and mindfulness, to energy work, activation, adventure, sound and more to fully unlock and remember our Power and Brilliance.