My name is Lee Davy. I’ve become known as the Modern Day Samurai, but you can call me Davy.  I’ve been able to Leverage a life-long quest and the fortunate ability to find myself in situations of study and learning with many of the true masters and thought leaders of our time in the areas of ancient knowledge/medicine, healing, thinking, transformation, metaphysics, energy work, physical wellness and other forms of Self- Mastery. I have spent nearly three decades gathering tools, doing deep internal work and creating my own content in preparation for this period in time, to teach what I have learned throughout 30 years of Self discovery and personal growth. I wish only to share with you what I have learned over a life time of searching and studying the health, consciousness and healing arts. I wish for you to gain the same benefits and outlook that comes from working with and mastering the mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual mixture from which we are all made.”

Essentially, I help people optimize their health & lifestyle by piecing together the puzzle of who they really are & what they’re truly capable of, while co-creating communities & platforms for the advancement of humanity in the process.

Lee’s Timeline

Born: Feb 1977

School: 1980 – 95/96

  • public to high school

Began to Question Everything & Search for Meaning & Answers: 1990

  • reality never resonated with me and so my search began
  • started asking questions many don’t ask until retirement and beyond
  • although I didn’t know, or understand, this began my search and re-connection with Source and my Spirit
  • what has expanded into a life-long pursuit of personal growth, began

Anxiety Developed & Built: 1997 – 2007

  • never felt comfortable in my own skin
  • always looked to the external for answers and comparisons
  • this was my Spirit crying out to be recognized again

Opened Dynamic Conditioning Centre (unique health & fitness facility in Toronto ON): 2004

  • expanded in ’07
  • rebranded to Transcend Health in late 2014

Never  Felt Good Enough: Until 2012

  • due to always looking to the external rather than within

First experience with Ayahuasca in Peru: 2011

  • since, have experienced and held space for 50 ceremonies
  • really shifted my paradigm and perception of ‘what is real/reality’

Created Recess: 2012

  • pitched on Dragons Den
  • created kids camps
  • worked with various charities
  • worked with YMCA
  • came in a vision of exactly what Recess would look like

Created Ramp Training: 2013

  • wrote training manual
  • sold numerous manuals
  • created in home video series
  • ran plethora of bootcamps
  • came in a spark of inspiration

Started Training In Power: 2014

  • learned to wield energetic healing and shielding tools and light from a quantum perspective
  • everything is energy
  • deeper connection and understanding of true Power, the Power within
  • strengthened connection with Source
  • real understanding of the meaning of Being Spiritual

Became Proctor Gallagher Thinking Into Results (TIR) Consultant: 2015

  • learned to differentiate the conscious mind from the sub conscious mind
  • deeper understanding of ‘thinking big’, setting and achieving goals based on intention and visualization
  • understanding how we learn and how to overcome the paradigm with repetition
  • helped many clients see their potential with this program as a facilitator & coach
  • positively impact your life, your relationships, your self image, your ability to start, run and succeed with your own business

Worked Hard and struggled: Until 2016

  • broke the paradigm that ‘struggle’ equates to worthiness

Closed Gym: 2016

  • was a step in my awareness of what true health really is
  • the beginning of my exponential belief and understanding in myself
  • overcame a huge paradigm and doubt – it was all I knew for over a decade
  • felt as though I was letting many people down

Wrote/Published 1st Book, Conscious Endeavor: 2016

  • poured out of me
  • divine connection at work
  • beginning of my vision for what a future could look like

Developed Frequency, Energy Meditations: 2016

  • came to me in a moment of inspiration
  • combined elements of music, meditation and Gi Gung
  • seems to be a very healing tool for others to access
  • help you move energy blocks, heal stress & pain areas
  • manifest what you desire

Became Training In Power (TIP) Teacher: 2016

  • built in Power, Energy and Pure Physics
  • now I am able to help facilitate others on their journey to Source
  • energy teacher & healer
  • learn to ‘stay clean’ energetically

Sold House in Toronto: 2016

  • another significant and scary paradigm to overcome
  • I had lived in Toronto for going on 2 decades
  • grateful to have seen the opportunity – largely from the paradigm shifts in TIP & TIR

Began Stepping into & embracing Purpose: 2016

  • with every paradigm overcome, a deeper connection to my higher Self and ultimately to Source has ensued
  • as a result my purpose unfolds with more rapidity and ease with each passing day

Worked at Retreat Centre Costa Rica: 2017

  • discovered a working model to rebuild humanities understanding and connection to ourselves and each other
  • close to the vision in my mind, but some tweaking needed

Published Second Book: 2017

  • Life the Dance; Philosophies of Navigation, Understanding & Expression

Collaborated in First community and House of Masters – Imiloa: 2017/2018

  • through Spirit and flow discovered an integral group more in alignment with my vision to create communities around the world for the healing & advancement of humanity

Became Delegate of Resonance Academy: 2017

  • developed understanding & connected the dots of quantum physics to Sprituality
  • traveled to Egypt to ‘awaken’, ‘recharge’ the pyramids
  • went through an initiation of rites

Became Faculty Member of New Earth Nation: 2017

Traveled to Maui and Australia: 2018

  • experienced deep loneliness and solitude
  • turned inward at a deeper level
  • connected to Source on a grander scale
  • began asking and communicating with Source daily; asking for signs, deep and profound ‘signage’ from this reality
  • began understanding at an entirely new level of connection with Source
  • seeing literal signage everywhere
  • deep and profound gratitude for the experience and deeper connection
  • experiencing and entirely new depth of feeling and longing for human connection
  • began creating online content, workshops and materials
  • vowed to speak in large venues and to serve at a greater & higher level

Talks, Workshops, & Materials: 2017/2018

  • helping people optimize their health & lifestyle, piecing together their unique puzzle of who they are and what they’re capable of, co-creating communities & platforms for the advancement of humanity since 2015

  • teaching mindfulness and movement, helping to relieve stress and anxiety and aid in better sleep

Lee travels the world motivating and speaking to large audiences about the necessity of change and provides the tools through which people can do so.

By following proven tools, programs and techniques, Lee has overcome his own fears and anxiety’s and his mission is to enable you to do the same. By leveraging these same tools, programs and techniques, you will be able to alleviate hardships, overcome limiting habits & beliefs.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to have, do or be anything you choose.

“My book, Conscious Endeavor was over 26 years in the making and written largely out of a desire to feel at home after a lifetime of feeling as though I didn’t belong. I know now why.”

I honour your Highest and best Self. Let’s connect today!

In Light, Gratitude & Service,