Recess Is Born

After 20 years in the fitness industry and seeing the fitness curriculum being cut back in schools, obesity rates climbing as well as the completely misguided information about health and wellness that is out there, I created Recess to make learning about healthy living, fitness and nutrition fun and engaging for kids at a young age. 

Recess teaches the importance of fitness and nutrition and how to make proper healthy living choices.

The idea came in an inspiration overnight, after reading the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series and he was talking about experiential learning and the game that he created to help teach people how to get out of the rat race.

I thought, “hey!! I can do that!

And overnight, I had a vision that Recess would be a combination of snakes and ladders, obstacle courses and health and wellness. I had the vision for the board, the pieces, how the game would flow, that there would be question cards, dice, and physical exercises combined into one exciting and attention catching game that would entice children into understanding health and wellness.

The great thing about Recess is that it teaches foundational building blocks for nutrition and movement based exercises during game play.  And because it’s experiential, it engrains these habits/skills into the lives of your children for the rest of their lives.

You and your kids will learn the exercises and nutrition points of the game.

What is Recess and How Do I Play

Players advance in 1 of three ways. With a roll of the die, landing on the yellow space indicates that a player must complete the exercise.  Each player must complete either 10 reps or a 10 second hold of the exercise. All players in the game will exercise at the same time no matter who’s turn it is.

Landing on the blue space, a player must move according to the space. If it is something positive such as being active throughout the day or playing soccer at lunch time, the player moves forward the indicated number of spaces. If it is a negative such as skipping breakfast or having zero activity during the day the player must move back or go down the slide in some cases. At this point their turn is over.

Lastly, landing on a little red weight-lifter space indicates that the player must answer a true/false, multiple choice or fill in the blank question card. The player to the left of the player who’s turn it is will ask the question. If the player gets the question correct they get to go again. If they get it incorrect, they must miss their next turn.

What are People Saying About Recess

Recess Camp

At first, Recess was to be just a game that I wanted to get into the schools and homes for teachers and parents to utilize.

The more I thought about the different camps out there being offered, the more I realized the importance of what Recess was to become. 

There are clubs and camps that teach kids to pitch tents, build fires and tie knots, but none that teach kids how to move, what to fuel their bodies with and what leads to sustainable health and wellness.  Nothing that is, until now.

Recess Camp is about learning and playing the game each day. We will examine different ways to play the game. You – the parents will be playing along with your kids. After game play we will have a quick discussion and then have some fun learning and playing other quick games such as, dodgeball, learning sprints or playing soccer.

When we begin, each of the children will be given baseline testing and at the end of the camp, a progress report would be completed.

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