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Welcome to Frequency, Energy, Meditation.

The unique combination of the power of intention, energy work, meditation and brainwave entrainment allows the release of pain and stress. Heal all areas of the body by releasing old emotional traumas. Benefits include improved sleep, energy, creativity, relaxation, and focus.

Meditation Designed For You

When we work together one on one, I tune into and connect with YOUR ENERGY. Your personalized energy meditation is like an intuitive reading/energy healing in one. As a result, you get what YOU need. I get information for you that will make our time together a truly unique experience. The result is a recorded meditation specifically for you, your needs, your intentions, your healing, your growth and your life.

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Super Hero You

This video goes into a guided meditation sequence called 5 Gates, Super Hero to help you creatively visualize yourself and your life exactly as you’ve wanted it to be. It helps you to visualize the life you want including what you want to be doing, while improving your relationships, moves you into your purpose, creates better health, and anything else you choose to create and focus on.

The power in this video can’t be overstated.

Types of meditation available

Body Scan & Architecture – Optimizing every cell in your physical form. This gives you optimal energy and function on every level.

Intentions & Transformation – I’ll implement with you all of your goals, intentions and visions that you have created for your life.

Life Transformation – We will implement visualization techniques to transform any area of Your life.

Pain Relief – Whether you deal with anxiety, joint pain and discomfort, depression, muscles stiffness, we’ll harness the power of your intentions along with the power of the meditation to give you relief and even begin to optimize how you feel.

Connecting to Your Higher Self – With this meditation, we’ll connect you with Your Greater Self. I’ll help you get past any self limiting beliefs (those stored in the subconscious mind), help you bypass the thinking mind (all of the chatter), in order to reconnect you with you heart, your Higher Self.  The result will be more flow, happiness and abundance in your life.

Unification Activation Meditation – We connect to a series of infinite Torus activity, activating your bio-battery that is your human form, while simultaneously connecting to mother earth and the Universe. You’ll become more of your Divine Self and expand fully into everything and everyone that you connect with.

We will work together to align the flow of energy within your body, unlocking its innate healing capacities, unveiling suppressed information that had been sealed or sequestered by blocks, and reconnecting you to a robust, positive and empowering energetic field.

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