Now is time to usher community back into humanity. While a variety of perspectives prevail on how to unveil these communities, love and unification are common throughout.


In the current, competitive societal model, individual -change- organizations lack the resources and global reach necessary to create an alternative option to the monopoly of companies, governments and families that dominate and coincidentally make-up the current global market place or “system”.

To create global impact, shift consciousness, and regenerate health and infrastructure, a revolutionary transition in perspective needs to occur in order to take us where we long to be.

A call for the collaboration of organizations, and individuals, already standing for change, across a multitude of sectors (preventative health, lifestyle, infrastructure, free-energy, community, sustainable living, education, technology, etc) uniting, creating one global platform – an option or new “societal model”.

As WE grow in awareness that the current societal model, creates separation, economic divide, sickness, and competition, and that necessary changes can be made by following our hearts and intuitions, we can expedite to an unprecedented rate, the change that we long for and in this lifetime.

It is time for an optional “system”, one that promotes collaboration over competition, preventative health, not reactionary, and TRUTH rather than deceit.

The “Existing Structure” is the current ‘societal model’ and all of the structures, or elements that make up the model, along with the ‘results’ that this model creates. The “Guidance Model” is a new model with more conscious components that would ultimately have a dramatically more positive impact (‘results’) on every individual.

Must Incorporate Yin & Yang, Yet Yin Must Lead
Altruistic Flower of Life/Torus Systemic Model

A systematic, collaborative, creative, and preventative approach will change individual lives, communities and the world on every level.

The invitation goes out to any individual, or organization to join and build collaborative, global, communities, societal and guidance models .


Companies, specializing in different areas ‘join hands'(the platform), and in some cases, join community, giving option to the current ‘societal model’. Just as different forms of movement are neither superior or inferior, there is not ‘one way’ in terms of ‘tools’, companies or organizations. Different people resonate better with some things (forms of movement, healing mods, or a companies initiative toward the new paradigm), then others. One will gravitate to companies, areas and ‘tools’ within the model that most resonate. The key lies in providing the options from this new perspective, greater awareness and co-creative approach.


1. “The best result would come from everyone in the group doing what’s best for himself and the group” – John Nash

American mathematician whose work provided insight into the factors that govern chance and decision making inside complex systems in daily life.

Theories contributed to and influenced economics, computing, evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, accounting, computer science, games of skill, politics and military theory. 

2. The Torus.

A self creating, self sustaining, self propelling, whirlpool-like energy system. Our Atoms, nature, heart and the Universe itself are Torus’. If everything in our known Universe from cosmic to quantum are made of Torus-like structures, perhaps it’s time to create a societal model with the same type of energetics…perhaps fundamental in understanding this ‘new way’ forward.

4. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (psychological theory by Abraham Maslow 1943) – Revised by Lee Davy 

The revisions of the Hierarchy, combined with the four Pillars, create a complete Torus.

Health & Consciousness Oriented Polymathic Ecosystem (H.O.P.E) Academy

Academy & Community of Higher Learning

Our community, school and retreat paradise teaches meditation, healthy eating and different styles of movement. H.O.P.E offers energy work, breath work, Qi Gung and encourages creativity and imagination. Working with the new sciences, understanding vibration, activation, and cultivating the areas of music, art, science, math, horticulture, and housing advanced technologies are just some of our capabilities. 

Each H.O.P.E Academy and community (geo-local), embodies, embraces and delivers sacred wisdom from the keepers (see ‘organizations’ – egg of life), teaching these sacred and new technologies, while in an eco-friendly, green, plentiful environment as we give back to Mother Earth.


Create eco friendly, solar powered, collaborative community airbnb, spa and retreat centres, complete with education components. Provide living quarters. Wisdom keepers from all areas, living onsite, sharing knowledge with the intention to uplift and evolve our understanding and connection with ourselves, each other and the land. 


To provide unique facility and grounds on unmatched acreage around the globe. For local and destination patrons to come and share in community and earth friendly practices.

Expanding on the wisdom of the great Polymaths of the past, vacationers, staff and workshop goers may, fully immerse into a medley of rich, vast, study of earth, mind, body & Spirit, providing transformative, life changing experiences.


A fully inclusive, eco friendly community, school and retreat, in paradise. Complete with gym, spa and yoga areas, residential capacity, comfortable areas for learning, green houses, creating an environment for all-comers to heal, learn and grow from each other. Providing advanced technologies, cultivating true health, connection and wholeness. Stuarts in creating the new earth, WE ALL DESIRE.

Intergenerational Community

Living on and from the land, in community, connecting to and with each other, while sharing in the human experience. This is the new earth, the new consciousness. WE are the first to envision this, WE are the first to create it in its entirety. Living amongst each other in this way will enable everyone to thrive. A means to reconnect and bridge a solid foundation for generations to come into the new paradigm, the new earth.


Communities will house the Academy and healing components. Programs to ‘know thyself’, developing all aspects of the self – mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually. Advancing ones awareness, health and consciousness will reach capacities that have never before been attainable.


Many amenities will be in house. If there is something you teach, that we don’t offer and you’d like to bring a group, you can do so and either take part in our service curation, or we can simply be your host for your stay with us. Either way, the facilities, the community and the grounds will cater to exactly your desires.


Each geo-local having it’s own special surrounding, playful environment, including of course the amenities, and educational tools. Exactly what we’re aiming for. It’s what we believe is achievable and what our time here, with each other, in these physical forms is suppose to look and feel like – paradise.


With the environment and community set in such an incredibly loving and intimate setting, it creates family amongst the people living here and all whom visit. As we understand and connect more, we eliminate all lines of separation and division. Replacing with oneness, wholeness and love.


As we tune to and co-create these communities, a feeling will wash over and out into the rest of the consciousness. A feeling of warmth, completion, jubilation. A feeling of love.

A feeling that only can be described of as Home

Project Outline

H.O.P.E Academy offers full amenities and residences, land purchase and other housing opportunity on beautiful acreage and property around the world.

Included in the project will be;

  • Construction of buildings, domes, yurts or other (variety of models based on geo-locals)
  • Gym, spa, yoga and meditation building
  • Frequency healing zone
  • Guest housing
  • Green housing
  • Complete solar (paneling and powered)
  • Outdoor recreation area
  • Land opportunities
  • Airbnb rentals
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Advanced technologies

Products & Services

A plethora of products, services and service providers.

Services Provided;

  • Fitness & Wellness Training onsite gym
  • Yoga
  • Breath work
  • Meditation
  • Activations
  • Energy and meditation training
  • Positive thinking and manifestation practices
  • Movement & strength training
  • Nutrition education
  • Manual therapy (massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, etc)
  • Embodiment courses/trainings
  • Horticultural cultivation
  • Plant knowledge
  • Math, physics
  • Science
  • Art 
  • Music 
  • Self defence
  • Archery
  • Animal therapy
  • Other advanced technologies

Phase 1

Finish Conceptualization – Project Planning

Consult with Experts

Price Entirety of Project

Gauge Interested Parties

Build Team(s)

Phase 2

Raise Round 1 Investments

Purchase Land

Begin Development

Phase 3

Continue Selling Plots of land within and outside Development

Continue to Develop Land

Attract other organizations to participate at the Academy

Implement/Build Activations & Advanced Technologies

Phase 4

Launch Crowdfund Campaign, Angel Investor Raise

Launch Airbnb

Run Workshops/Retreats

Establish other Locations



Patrons, investors and businesses of the new H.O.P.E Academy and Global Platform would enjoy a variety of benefits including reduced cost on goods and services, discounts, access to the most up-to-date information, and most inclusive preventative health products, technologies and services available.

Saving money in the short and long term on health care coverage, elevating health, wellness and human connection while enjoying greater life experience (the community).

An increased understanding and optimization of mind and body will naturally unfold as will optimal health as participation in the available curriculums is undertaken.

Clients & Member Benefits;

  • Reduced cost on goods & services
  • Discounts
  • Access to the most up-to-date, non-biased information
  • Inclusive preventative health products and services available
  • Cheaper, more affordable land (land owners, investors, project development partners)
  • Learn new skills
  • Cheaper housing (a fraction of normal housing)
  • More help (intergenerational component – help tending to land and community support with kids, etc)
  • More community (rekindling human connection and support)
  • Health benefits built in (access to all amenities)
  • Reduced costs on food (share of the land, horticulture, as well as other ‘bulk’ options)
  • More wholistic, organic, naturally grown and raised foods (healthier living)