In Part 1 of Connecting with the Divine, I discussed the download of new technology (profound information) that my friend and I received while on the last day of my Quantum Shift retreat.
I continue to expand my lens of perception that enable me to connect more fully to the subtle energies that truly are, always around us, yet, without the attempt to make contact, lie dormant and imperceivable to the senses.
With each grasp at this subtle, infinitely dense field of energy that we all swim in, I hone my neural architecture and thus the feelings cultivated in the body. I realize, that I am building and reinforcing the physical evidence required to fully perceive these Divine, magical moments – in EVERY MOMENT.
The instances in between awe-inspired moments, continue to decrease as my awareness of, and connection to this infinite energy, unlimited potential, and ultimately my True Self, continue to increase.
Without further hesitation, this was the magic the presented itself to myself and 7 luck attendees at my last retreat;
Magic really is within us and all around us…ALL of the time.. The photo above was taken on the last day of my most recent retreat…
Story Time
All week we were tuning in via meditation, breathing and understanding via scientific method how to connect to the quantum field – that is the field of energy that we literally swim in and yet because of the density of this energy (each cm² square of space actually holds all of the energy and information in the known universe – another story for another day)…
The last day, we awaken at 430 am, head to the beach for a morning meditation as the sun comes up.
About 930 am, I gather the group…I’m feeling really called to lead some breath work.
We do about 5 rounds, in between rounds of course I’m having everyone tune into the energy that is within them and all around them, “become more aware of it” I say, before we open our eyes.
As eyes open, we look to our left and there are MILLIONS, I mean MILLIONS of birds flying into us…right in front of us…just kind of hovering there going on as far as the eye can see, moving off into the distance – they were just floating there – FOR US. I’ve never seen so many birds…
They begin to dissipate into the distance, we look up and there is but one large cloud, right over our heads..its design? Literally the flower of life …
Wait, I’m not finished…fast forward a few more moments…the clouds disappear, but one bird remains and its flying, well…in front of the moon. Yes the moon made an appearance for us – and it was bright!
The final bird decides to fly off, and …wait for it…
We look back over our heads and there are 8 warrior (like hawks, not sure though) looking birds circling the tree in behind us…wouldn’t you know it – there were 8 people in our group…
This photo was taken during this unbelievable, unmistakable acknowledgement from this field of energy that we’d been trying to connect with all week.
One of the most profound experiences of my life!! The wildest thing? These experiences are getting more frequent and more profound with each one that passes by.
Oh, and do you see the blue orb to my right???
Yeah…there is so much more going on that we are unable to perceive with our senses…
The incredible thing? We get to expand our lens perception, our awareness and our belief (and therefore our abilities) of what is actually going on and just how much we get to create!
All we need is a little effort and a wee bit of a roadmap to take there!!
I hope you’re join me at one of my upcoming retreats to experience this blissed out magic with me!!
All I can say, is life will never be the same again!! 🙂

The Flower of Life

Picture, the outside of the circle as a large fluffy cloud, and the centre clouds breaking up, but as they break up, or clear up, what remains is an exact replica of the flower of life itself. For those who aren’t aware, the meaning of The Flower of Life? It is believed to represent the cycle of creation…and is believed to hide within it a secret symbol, and it is said to hold the most significant and sacred patterns of the universe.

Or, it could all be a big coincidence…

“There are only 2 ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other one as though everything is a miracle”

 – Albert Einstein