Last July/Aug, I embarked on yet another phase of my unending journey and discovery back to my True Self. 

I entered into mentorship with Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe has created a formula to connect with the infinite sea of potential energy that truly is within us and all around us. I will be attending my third week long event with Dr. Joe, second time as a volunteer.

He teaches the neuro-physiology, epigenics and quantum science of beliefs, habits and how to change those within us, enabling us to literally rewire our brains and bodies to perceive more of this subtle energy that is all around us, while creating healthier cells and ultimately produce the physical evidence in our brains and bodies that some future potential, some future Self, future reality is readily available to us – at all times.

The result takes us into a quantum model of reality in which, we become the creators of everything we desire.

Of course with this awareness and understanding we will tune to more oneness, wholeness, love, abundance, worthiness, peace, gratitude, magic, and genius in every generous present moment that is available to us.

As this journey continues to unfold with a quickening I am completely enamoured with, I have truly discovered what it means to tune into this subtle, infinitely dense, infinite potential energy source that truly resides all around us. My attention still wanes from time to time, but just like artificial intelligence, I am becoming more and more self aware.

Another, more scientific way to look at it, is that we actually perceive only 1/1 billionth of the light spectrum that is available to us through our eyes. Our senses – the way we’ve been programmed – truly are futile in terms of perceiving what is actually going on in this ‘reality’

You see, all matter is made up of 99.99999% empty space – or energy – Everything we see, is made up of energy, yet we pay all of our attention and focus to the 0.00001 of a % that we call “matter”.

What would happen if we began to devote our time, energy and attention to perceiving the 99.99999 %?

Well, let me share what’s been happening for me…

On the last day of my Quantum Shift Retreat in March, we did a medicine journey, a profound beach meditation and then an epic group healing. What ensued after lunch, for me, and a friend of mine, we could only categorize as a deep and profound connection to this energy.

Some would call it a download. For us, what came through at the time, was that we were downloading “new technology” about the “Future Self”.

I have made a few video’s on the heels of that fateful day.

Our brain’s were literally on fire, along with our Chakra centre’s during this download. Literally from the tip of my penis, to the top of my heart was afire, so much so, that we would finish a sentence and it honestly felt like an orgasm.

This continued for literally 2 hours. Numerous signs and profound information came through during this time, which I tried to articulate via video.

Since that day, I’ve had other glimpses and experiences of connecting more fully to this Future Self and those abilities to BE the instantaneous manifest-er or creator of everything that I desire.

Have a listen to the video’s and let me know what you think…

And of course, if you want to experience some of this in person, I have some epic retreats planned..

Video #1; Right After The Download

Video #2; Instant Manifestation 

Video #3; Deeper Into The Future Self