The Imiloa Institute 
is a global hub for the
education and advancement of men, women and children.

We believe that through a posture of learning and spirit of service, we can powerfully catalyze the individual and social transformation which will create stronger communities. 

Three Pillars & Eight Governing Principles

Scalable around the world, and animated by the idea that ¨the world is but one country, and man-kind its citizens¨ (Bahá’u’lláh), we offer three pillars from which we build, and eight principles from which we grow.

PILLAR 1: House of Masters: We celebrate mastery — whether it’s an as an influencer, parent, corporation, non-profit, info-product creator, author or artist. Our House of Masters is designed to be a workshop and education center for individual and collective retreats, and transformational and creative explorations.

PILLAR 2: Inter-Generational Community Living Design: Natives living on and serving as stewards of the land, becoming a warm and integral aspect to the community welcoming those visiting The Institute and leading the agricultural activities while creating an overall intimate environment from which to learn, play and create.

PILLAR 3: Edible Forest and Permaculture Energy Source: Our edible forest is a focal point of nourishing both play and work for our guests.

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I have been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people from all over the world with a similar visions of creating supportive communities centres for retreat and healing.

As a result a great number of us have come together to launch the first Imiloa Institute, complete with intergenerational living, house of masters and much more for the advancement of humanity.

I couldn’t be happier to be involved with such a noble endeavour, one of the first, one of many of this type of community to launch around the world.

The time has come to reintroduce community and oneness back to humanity. The Imiloa Institute is an incredible first step toward a more unified world for all of us.

In Light, Love, Gratitude & Service,

Lee Davy

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