Co-Creator Model, H.O.P.E Academy

Call to Unity

At the heart of transcendence is the choice – YOUR choice to live and create a conscious endeavor.

From the moment of our inception our sense of awe and our imagination is stifled. The resultant formula is feeling cornered into living a life made for someone else.

As we re-discover this truth, we remember once again that we have the conscious ability to make different choices and again begin to live life as we originally imagined for ourselves. Life as it was originally intended to be.

When we realign our lives and consciously endeavor to live our dreams into reality, our doing so automatically gives others permission to do the same.

I once thought I could do this journey on my own, perhaps the naiveté that comes with youth.

I know now, that is the furthest thing from the TRUTH. Standing together, unified in our endeavors, in our goals, in our humanity, is the only true way forward. Standing together in unity, sharing our experience, finding our way back to oneness, opening doors to wisdom, once forgotten, but that is now being remembered and stepping into a Co-Creative Spirit is what this unprecedented period in time calls for.

Together, united, there is nothing we cannot overcome, nothing we cannot accomplish.

As a result I (along with my collaborative partners) decided to create the


To create a global collaborative platform, giving support, voice, and opportunities to change makers, healers, educators, and global strategists. We are intent on growing societal models communities and education hubs that inspire a connected and free world grounded in Truth, Nobility, Inclusivity and Evolution. We support Preventative Health practices, that provide healing, growth opportunities, and abundance for all. 

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