The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek

The Cave You Fear to Enter…

Fear & Excitement: The Unknown

I’ve recently picked up shop and moved to another country (well, a couple actually) for the next several months. It’s only been two days. I’ve already noticed a few things.

  1. I get nervous EVERY TIME I do this! This is the paradigm we all face. The paradigm is the habitual way of doing things, of looking at things, of where you fit into your life. I believe the fear comes from the unknown. At least with when in habituation there are no unknowns to contend with…unfortunately with habituation comes stagnation and (at least for me) boredom.
  • What should you do? ANYTHING you can to break up the monotony. It may be more difficult if you are used to a certain routine, but you can do it.

2. It ALWAYS works out and I learn about myself as well as new and exciting things that help in my endeavors. Mixing up your routine is always such a great time to assess and reassess – to really take a look in the mirror, break up old routines, practices or habits that no longer serve you.

  • Create time to look in the mirror. I mean, really look. Be gentle, yet firm with yourself. If there are changes you desire to make, commit to making them. Then, find the help necessary to help you follow through on your commitment to yourself.

3. I always meet new and incredible people. I’ve met so many people from all across the world, many of whom I now call friends. It’s pretty amazing when you begin to open up and add to your circle. It continues to expand, if you allow it.

4. I am always REINVIGORATED! Without a doubt every single time I rejig things, assess, reassess, observe and move around – get outside my regular routine, I am always reinvigorated to be more disciplined in how I approach my personal growth practices, as well as in what I’m creating/working on.

So, if you are debating on selling the house, starting the business, traveling the world, or changing things up in any way, trust me when I tell you, it’ll be scary. You’ll have mixed feelings. Your heart will jump and your head will try to talk you out of it. But if you are really listening, really paying attention, if these desires are coming from your heart, take a leap of faith. Take the jump and do what scares you the most…you just may find that the ‘cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you’ve been seeking’!


About the Author:

Lee Davy
Leveraging a life-long quest and the fortunate ability to find himself in situations of study and learning with many of the true masters and thought leaders of our time in the areas of knowledge, healing, thinking, transformation, metaphysics, energy work, and other forms of Self- Mastery, Lee has spent nearly three decades gathering tools, doing deep internal work and finally creating his own content in preparation to teach what he has learned throughout 30 years of Self discovery and personal growth. “I wish only to share with you what I have learned over a life time of searching and studying the health, consciousness and healing arts. I wish for you to gain the same benefits and outlook that comes from working with and mastering the mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual mixture from which we are all made.”

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