Make It Happen What are you aiming at?  Or are you just surviving?  Aim High! Make it Happen. We become what we think about Make It Happen!


Calling All Agents Of Change

CALLING.....all agents of change...I repeat, all agents of change... Calling all health care professionals, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, therapists, coaches, educators, life coaches, Chefs, Training In Power students, Thinking Into Results Consultants, Naturopaths, Spirit Science founders/teachers, DISL Automatic rappers, artists, stress and anxiety specialists, Collective Evolution founders/writers, Energy workers, Blue Morpho Shaman, superstars voicing change


The Human Condition

  The Human Condition... What makes one person confident and another shy? What makes some people care about what others think, while others seemingly care little, about much? Why do some give their hearts and their love so freely, yet others are unable to do so, as if the sentiment of love escapes their grasp


Mirror Mirror…Your Mirror Has The Power to Teach and Heal You

In the past I’ve spoken of a “shift” that seems to be happening  all around the world. This shift is presenting tumultuous times for many - but as always, sunshine comes after the rain. People are changing careers, finding themselves with money problems, starting businesses that are proving more difficult and providing more hurdles than


Understanding True Health; lessons from the subconscious mind

Understanding True Health...Part 2 I don't pretend to know where "THIS" is all headed, and perhaps that's not the point.  Perhaps the point is to discover that the journey is the really exciting part - the part to pay attention to and enjoy - while the destination, really is insignificant.  I mean the destination -


Lessons Learned; The Journey

It's funny...we spend a lot of time growing up wishing we were older. I mean it's no fun being a kid right? The older kids and grown ups get to have all the fun.  We want to grow up so we can do all these things too. When we're 10 we want to be 13



Everywhere I look I see hurt, pain and disease.. We as a race are broken.  We are surrounded by misguided information (internet ‘guru’s’) and “leaders” (government), misinformation (media) and we look to pharmaceuticals, the food industry, and doctors (some, not all) for answers, when it is glaringly obvious that these things are no longer working