Recently, I have been working on and realizing a more robust relationship with my Future Self. 

If this doesn’t make much sense, have a peak at my most recent blogs “Downloading New Technology and “The Energy Within & All Around Revealed”

The Coles Notes version, is that we get to choose in every moment whether we experience heaven or hell, by what we tune. Meaning, heaven and hell aren’t places we go to after we die and God isn’t some white bearded, white guy in the clouds that is going to smite thee, if you don’t go to church.

No, God is within, as is heaven or hell, but what we choose to focus on. This means our thoughts, our feelings, our words, and interactions with the world around us.

Where we place our attention or focus is where we place our energy. For example, throw your consciousness into your big left toe. It was always there, wasn’t it, but not until I drew your attention/focus to it, did you ‘feel’ it.

It is this way with everything. If you place your attention and aim to experience the subtle energies all around us – remember this sea of energy that we are floating in – the one that scientists have proven that each cm cubed square of space is infinitely dense (hold all of the information in the known Universe) and spins at the speed of light. See Nassim Haramein’s work on the Schwarzschild Proton for more information on that one.

The Greatest Showman

I wanted to share this video of a song from one of my favourite movies – The Greatest Showman – It has a spectacular message for you and your children.

I get so emotional every time I watch it! The feeling, joy, connection and shear exuberance that the group has for the song and for each other is an amazing lesson for us all.

Have a peak and let me know what you think! And for goodness sakes, let’s all tune just a little bit more to the God within and really connect to more love, oneness, health and joy – it’s something the world is in desperate need of!

Also Remember;

  • All matter is made up of 99.99999% empty space
  • We only can perceive 1/1 billionth of the light spectrum that is actually here
  • There are whistles dog’s can hear that we aren’t able to detect, and other frequencies that are beyond our senses, yet they exist


I pose the question…

Is it possible to experience more love, wholeness, connection, joy, bliss, abundance, oneness, happiness, gratitude, worthiness, excitement, genius, magic, mysticism, health, the more we learn to focus on it…??