Co-Creator Model, H.O.P.E Academy

Call to Unity

At the heart of transcendence is the choice – YOUR choice to live and create a conscious endeavor.

From the moment of our inception our sense of awe and our imagination is stifled. The resultant formula is feeling cornered into living a life made for someone else.

As we re-discover this truth, we remember once again that we have the conscious ability to make different choices and again begin to live life as we originally imagined for ourselves. Life as it was originally intended to be.

When we realign our lives and consciously endeavor to live our dreams into reality, our doing so automatically gives others permission to do the same.

I once thought I could do this journey on my own, perhaps the naiveté that comes with youth.

I know now, that is the furthest thing from the TRUTH. Standing together, unified in our endeavors, in our goals, in our humanity, is the only true way forward. Standing together in unity, sharing our experience, finding our way back to oneness, opening doors to wisdom, once forgotten, but that is now being remembered and stepping into a Co-Creative Spirit is what this unprecedented period in time calls for.

Together, united, there is nothing we cannot overcome, nothing we cannot accomplish.

As a result I (along with my collaborative partners) decided to create the


To create a global collaborative platform, giving support, voice, and opportunities to change makers, healers, educators, and global strategists. We are intent on growing societal models communities and education hubs that inspire a connected and free world grounded in Truth, Nobility, Inclusivity and Evolution. We support Preventative Health practices, that provide healing, growth opportunities, and abundance for all. 


Despite growth factors and size of operation in any sector, under the current, competitive societal model, individual organizations lack the resources and inertia necessary to create an option to the monopoly of companies, governments and families that dominate the current global market place or “the system”.

In order to make a global impact, thereby shifting consciousness, health and infrastructure, the CCS is a revolutionary transition from where we have been, to where we should be and are going.

The CCS is a collaboration of organizations, companies and individuals that already stand for change, across a multitude of sectors (be it preventative health and lifestyle, infrastructure, free energy, consciousness, sustainable living, education and personal growth, etc) uniting to create one magnificent platform, option or new “societal model”.

As We gain awareness that under the current societal model, we cannot win (greater separation and economic divide, exposure of evil and a ‘ruling class’, etc) and that necessary changes can be made by following our hearts and intuitions, we can expedite, to an unprecedented rate, the change that we long for and in this lifetime.

The CCS is made up of smaller systems and companies. Other divisions incorporating food, infrastructure and all living necessities are paramount to the success of the CCS.

It is time for an optional “system” to our current one, but one that promotes collaboration over competition, preventative health, rather than reactionary, and education over concealment of Knowledge and Truth.


(2nd line only if 1st line fails)         (1st line = prevention)

Existing Structure                New Structure

* School                                                 * Thinking Into Results (T.I.R)

* work                                                    * Training In Power (T.I.P)

* drug companies                                * Spirit Science/ C.E (new media)

* food industry                                     * Fitness/Movement

* hospitals                                             * Organic/Natural food providers

* government                                       * Supplements companies (some)

media                                                  * Traditional Therapy      

                                                                * Nutrition/cooking experts

                                                                * Polymathic, Renaissance approach

to life (health, art, math, science, music)


= poor, labored, sick, concealment, = abundant, happy, healthy,

fit in                                                          live/w purpose

= comply, compete                             = create, collaborative

= programmed/deceit                       = education/disclosure

                                                               = connect/think for ourselves,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       remember

Must Incorporate Yin & Yang, Yet Yin Must Lead
Altruistic Flower of Life/Torus Systemic Model

Could a systematic approach answer the question, “What is true health and happiness”? Could a collaborative, creative, and preventative perspective change the way we approach our individual lives and each other on every level?

The invitation goes out to any person, professional, organization or company to join and build a collaborative network, a community in every sense of the word – an option of choice to the way things currently are.


Various companies, specializing in different areas will ultimately ‘join hands’, the platform and in some cases the communities, give an option to the current ‘system’ (societal model). Just as different forms of movement are not superior or inferior, there is not ‘one way’ in terms of ‘tools’, companies or organizations. Different people will resonate better with some things, forms of movement, healing tools, or a companies perspective toward the new paradigm, than others. People will gravitate to companies, areas and ‘tools’ within the model that most resonate. The key lies in providing the options from this new perspective, greater awareness and co-creative approach.

The collaborative structure includes partnerships, affiliates, educators and media. Some companies may fall under multiple categories.

Integrating aspects of a 4 Pillared approach (health) and a balanced Hemispheric approach (mind/Spirit) is essential to healing the Self, Society and our World.

The current “societal system” is built on a foundation that no longer serves the people and the greater good.

A system built purely on the physical pillar and over the last 150 to 200 years catering to an industrial age that no longer exists.

This alternative system will stand on the pillars of Mental and Spiritual health, exploration and awareness, while the Physical and Emotional pillars will round out and contribute to the strength of the system and yet will no longer be the foundation.

Programs and organizations such as Thrive, The Resonance Academy, Subramanya, Modern Day Samurai, and Training In Power Academy (any program that helps you connect with The Greater Self, understand how your mind and Spirit work together) are foundational components and pillars.

Traditional therapy providers, nutrition experts, quality food providers, cooking coaches, strength/conditioning and movement specialists are under the Physical Pillar and are an integral component to cultivating a strong health vessel, for longevity.

Alternative media sources such as Spirit Science, Collective Evolution and the Joe Rogan Experience are all potential resources and information sharing platforms.

The potential exists to create World Health & Consciousness Conferences (involving and including experts from all 4 Pillars versus singular focused industry-conferences), not-for-profit organizations, providing wellness scholarships to those less fortunate and other ‘hubs’ or connecting sites, for like-minded individuals and professionals to network, joint venture, and spread even greater awareness.

Organizations such as Thrive are instrumental for generating and increasing awareness.

Companies such as Hope, Imiloa and other free, green and sustainable, renewable sources, along with other creative, more affordable living developments would provide the infrastructure necessary to evolve into the future.

Collaborative Benefits

Once the platform has been effectively and efficiently moulded, networks, companies and organizations from geographic locations through the world would be vetted into similar community living quarters.

As a collaborative, all providers will enjoy an extensive and ever growing network, in turn supporting each other through various strategic marketing initiatives, until, in fact we have a self sustaining model in which everyone involved benefits and prospers.


1. Adam Smith (father of modern economics) said “In competition, individual ambition serves the common good,” or every man for himself…this is the structure with which the current ‘societal system’ is built on.

John Nash discovered this to be Incomplete. “The best result would come from everyone in the group doing what’s best for himself and the group”

Nash was an American mathematician whose work provided insight into the factors that govern chance and decision making inside complex systems in daily life. His theories have contributed to and influenced economics, computing, evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, accounting, computer science, games of skill, politics and military theory. He shared the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and was awarded the Abel Prize for his work with nonlinear partial differential equations.

Isn’t it time we employed these theories on a much larger global scale?

2. Imagine the section below in the shape of a Torus. The Torus is a self creating, self sustaining, self propelling – whirlpool-like energy system. One that moves similarly to that of our Atoms, nature and the Universe itself. The heart is also a Torus and fundamental to the understanding of this ‘new way’.

3. In association with infrastructure Phi or “golden ratio”, aka “divine proportion” – the number 1.618 is a mathematical formula appearing in the human body eg. from your toes to your belly button it is 1.618 times longer than your belly button to the top of your head, and is represented in the proportions of your fingers to your hand to your arm, (and is even in our DNA). This measurement and resultant vortex is consistent in the tail of a seahorse, seashells and snails, all kinds of plants and flowers, and pine cones. In today’s modern world it is associated with beauty, grand architecture, symmetry and the most appealing designs and artistic impressions, yet we aren’t taught about this traditionally.

Golden Ratio is associated with the Great Pyramids in Egypt and so should be implemented going forward with our infrastructure – theoretically, figuratively and literally. From how the school itself is set up, to the physical grounds and community structures.

4. The third component in the model is illustrated in the next section, with a revised (below the original) version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (a theory proposed in psychology by Abraham Maslow in a 1943 paper titled, “A Theory of Human Motivation”) and inclusion of foundational pillars (beginning with Spiritual) upon which to build the new fabric of reality.

Outdated Model

The revisions of the Hierarchy, combined with the additions contained within the four Pillars, make up a complete Torus and create a self sustaining, self generating, revitalizing, and replenishing system.

One need only look to Nature and the four seasons to realize that we can achieve this same construct with a little effort and forethought.

Health & Consciousness Oriented Polymathic Ecosystem (H.O.P.E) Academy

An Academy & Community of Higher Learning

Our community, school and retreat paradise is one that teaches Meditation, Healthy Eating and different styles of Movement. Following in Platos footsteps, H.O.P.E offers Energy Work, Breath Work, Qi Gung and encourages Creativity and Imagination. Understanding the Conscious/Subconscious mind, Vibration, Frequency, Unified and Pure Physics, and cultivating the areas of Music, Art, Science and Math, Horticulture, Self Defence. While providing locations to house advanced technologies and much more differentiate H.O.P.E from any community or education platform on the planet.

Each H.O.P.E Academy and community (geographic location), embodies, embraces and delivers sacred wisdom from the keepers (see ‘organizations’ in egg of life), teaching those interested in the areas of health, math, science, art, music, horticulture, martial arts (4 Pillars) and so much more, while doing so in an eco-friendly, green, plentiful environment as we give back to Mother Earth.


Our aim is to create the first eco friendly, solar powered, collaborative community airbnb, spa and retreat centre, complete with education components. It will provide intergenerational living quarters for ‘stuarts of the land’ to offer expertise for visitors. Wisdom keepers from all areas, living onsite, will share knowledge with the intention to uplift and evolve our understanding and connection with ourselves, each other and the land. 


Our goal is to provide a unique facility and grounds on unmatched 325 acres of land anywhere on the planet. A space for local and destination patrons to come and share in community and earth friendly practices.

Following in and perhaps expanding on the wisdom of the truly great Polymaths of the past, vacationers, staff and workshop goers may, if they choose (you can also come just to enjoy the land and some downtime), fully immerse into a medley of rich, vast, study of earth, mind, body & Spirit, offering truly transformative, life changing experiences.


H.O.P.E is the first fully inclusive, eco friendly intergenerational community, school and retreat, a paradise, complete with gym, spa and yoga areas, full residences, non-traditional (comfortable and conducive for learning) areas, green houses, creating an environment for patrons to heal, grow, learn and teach each other. The space provide advanced technologies and cultivate true health and polymathic abilities for those aspiring to a new Renaissance. In turn creating the new earth, new world that we envision.

Intergenerational Community

Living on and from the land, in community, connecting to and with each other, while sharing in the human experience. This is the new earth, the new consciousness. WE are the first to envision this, WE will be the first to create it in it’s entirety. Living on and amongst each other in this way will enable everyone to thrive. It is a means to truly reconnect and bridge a solid foundation for generations to come into the new paradigm, the new earth. Once again, we will embody the community, love, connection and interaction as we were meant to.


The community will house the Academy and educational components quite unlike anything past or present. On the grounds will be programs to ‘know thyself’, learning and developing all aspects of the self – mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually. The ability to advance ones awareness, health and consciousness will reach capacities here that have not been attainable before, anywhere.


It is a space one can book a retreat for oneself or for a group. All of the amenities will be in house. If there happens to be something that you teach, that we don’t offer and you’d like to bring a group, you can do so and either take part in what we have to offer or we can simply be your host for your time there. Either way, the facilities, the community and the grounds will cater to exactly your desires.


With waterfalls, beach front, woods and of course the amenities, educational tools and community, you’ll find yourself in paradise. And this is exactly what we’re going for. It’s what we believe is achievable and what our time here, with each other, in this physical form is suppose to look and feel like – paradise.


With the environment and community set in such an incredibly loving and intimate setting, what it creates amongst the people living here and all whom visit, is family. The extended family. As we understand and connect more, we eliminate the lines of separation, division and divide. It is replaced with a remembering of oneness, wholeness and love.


As we tune to and co-create these communities, a feeling will wash over and out into the rest of the consciousness. A feeling of warmth, completion, jubilation. A feeling of love.

A feeling that only can be described as Home

Align with Purpose Give/Lift Others Know ThySelf
Feeling vs Thinking
Being vs Doing
Flow vs Swim Upstream
Develop Connection to Source/Higher Self
Use Your Gifts to Serve/Enrich Lives of Others Learn Quantum of All Reality

Energy, Meditation
Follow Proven Systems

Self Study Positive Self Talk Strive for Balance
How the Mind Works
The Body
The Brain (balance – math, science, music, art)
Follow Proven Systems
Cultivate Gratitude
Focus on Purposeful Goals
Reinforce Positivity
Learn How/What to Focus On
What Do You Enjoy
What Do You Deeply Desire
How Can You Serve/Give Back
Connect with/Express Feelings Let Go of Past De-stress/Relax
Say What You Feel
Follow Through on What You Say
Practice Honesty
Create Connection
Feel vs Think
Practice Forgiveness
Focus on Positivity
Know We Are Perfectly Imperfect
Strive For Unconditional Self Love
Live in Balance
Neurotransmitter/Brain Balance
Improve Sleep
Do What You Enjoy
Time with Friends
Movement Nutrition Therapy
Resistance Training
Anatomy (brain, body)
Various Methods of Movement
Free Range/Free From (grow your own)
Healthy Recipes
Lifestyle Habits
Eating Right for You
Body Composition
Body Alignment
Various Modalities
Preventative Care
The Pillars play an instrumental and foundational role in each geographic (H.O.P.E) location/community as it “plugs into” both, the locations themselves, as well as the co-creative spirit and energy of the organizations within the egg of life (central component of the concept for both global platform and Academic locations).

Project Outline

H.O.P.E Academy offers full amenities and residences on an incredible 325 acre property as well as other land and housing opportunities.

Included in the project will be;

  • Construction of Binishell buildings and or Yurts
  • Gym, spa, yoga and meditation building
  • Frequency healing zone
  • Guest housing
  • Green housing
  • Complete solar (paneling and powered)
  • Outdoor recreation area
  • Land opportunities
  • Airbnb rentals
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Advanced technologies

Products & Services

We have a plethora of products, services and service providers and the list continues to grow daily.

Services Provided;

  • Fitness & Wellness Training onsite gym
  • Yoga
  • Breath work (Wim Hoff)
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Training In Power (level 1 – energy and meditation training)
  • Thinking Into Results (positive thinking and manifestation practices)
  • Energy Work
  • Nutrition
  • Therapy (massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, etc)
  • Modern Day Samurai (full course – various modalities)
  • Horticultural Cultivation
  • Plant Knowledge
  • Hemolucent (Thrive)
  • Math, Physics
  • Science
  • Art 
  • Music 
  • Self Defence
  • Archery
  • Animal Therapy
  • Other Advanced Technologies

People & Organizations

A plethora of individuals and organizations will be involved in a variety of ways. Below is a list of already established businesses, teachers and potential co-creators and their roles.

People & Involvement;

  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Educators
  • Land Owners
  • Are Business Owners & Contributors

While not everyone has agreed in principle that is on this list, discussions are under way with many and are in various stages of development. Once interested parties are finalized and role is ascertained, we may add your profile unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

Abraham Carranza, Anthony Bratsch, Amanda Keeley, Daniel & Tanya de Luis, Dan Sloan, Faye Fitzgerald, Fenley Fearon, Gillis Bratsch, Jason Fryer & Caroline Addison, Jason & Sam Ross, Jim Vanderbelt, Joseè Brault, Kirk Arsenal, Lee Davy, Matt Belair, Robert Edward Grant, Shanna & Ashton Spencer, Scott Spencer, Tyler Verheul

Phase 1

Finish Conceptualization – Project Planning

Consult with Experts

Price Entirety of Project

Gauge Interested Parties

Build Team(s)

Phase 2

Raise Round 1 Investments

Purchase Land

Begin Development

Phase 3

Continue Selling Plots of land within and outside Development

Continue to Develop Land

Attract other organizations to participate at the Academy, the Global platform in general

Implement/Build Advance Technologies

Phase 4

Launch Crowdfund Campaign

Launch Airbnb

Run Workshops/Retreats

Establish other Locations



Patrons, investors and businesses of the new H.O.P.E Academy and Global Platform would enjoy a variety of benefits including reduced cost on goods and services, discounts, access to the most up-to-date information, and most inclusive preventative health products, technologies and services available.

Saving money in the short and long term on health care coverage, elevating health, wellness and human connection while enjoying greater life experience (the community).

An increased understanding and optimization of mind and body will naturally unfold as will optimal health as participation in the available curriculums is undertaken.

Clients & Member Benefits;

  • Reduced cost on goods & services
  • Discounts
  • Access to the most up-to-date, non-biased information
  • Inclusive preventative health products and services available
  • Cheaper, more affordable land (land owners, investors, project development partners)
  • Learn new skills
  • Cheaper housing (a fraction of normal housing)
  • More help (intergenerational component – help tending to land and community support with kids, etc)
  • More community (rekindling human connection and support)
  • Health benefits built in (access to all amenities)
  • Reduced costs on food (share of the land, horticulture, as well as other ‘bulk’ options)
  • More wholistic, organic, naturally grown and raised foods (healthier living)