Everywhere I look I see hurt, pain and disease..

We as a race are broken.  We are surrounded by misguided information (internet ‘guru’s’) and “leaders” (government), misinformation (media) and we look to pharmaceuticals, the food industry, and doctors (some, not all) for answers, when it is glaringly obvious that these things are no longer working for us – even if they once did.

We have Disease in Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer.

We have the food industry telling us to eat Wheat, Milk, Cereal, Chips and Pop.

We have schools telling us to grow up and get a job so you fit in and if you don’t find the curriculum easy or interesting you have a learning disability or won’t make it.

We have corrupt government making false promises, taking huge salaries while making these false promises are taking away more and more of our freedoms with each passing day,

The general population is so plugged in and tuned out that we literally look like zombies walking around, jacked into headphones and mini-screens, disconnected from feeling, disconnected from family and disconnected from each other.

We’ve lost our way.  We’ve lost our childhood innocence.  We no longer know how to eat, exercise, play, laugh or love.  In essence we no longer know how to feel – how to live.  We are confused and overwhelmed at every turn.

Work runs most of our lives – we try to make ends meet to keep up to the demands of bills and taxes, working at jobs that we are no longer interested in, but some how, some way feel backed into and unable to get out of.

So what are we suppose to do?

It’s time to reclaim ourselves.  Time to reclaim the power that we all once held.  With each piece of ourselves we reclaim, we are liberated from our fears and come more in-line with the force that we were born.

As I stated previously in Understanding True Health; Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Spiritual, there are seven Universal Laws.  These laws enable you to tune into the frequency that is you and always has been.  Aligning with the laws is a path to get there, but how do you get to the path in the first place?

The easiest and quickest way in my opinion to tune into this Universal power – otherwise known as source – is to simply begin self discovery.

You may not be ready for something like Training In Power www.traininginpower.com , (although I would suggest doing this as soon as you get the chance), but begin reading books on expanding your mind or changing your mindset and unloading past feelings.

Two great books are “Mindset” The New Physchology of Success by Carol Dweck and “The Sedona Method” Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being, by Hale Dwoskin.

There are different kinds of intelligence.  There is physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

  • Physical – Get a good coach and nutritionist.  Someone that can guide you into peak physical condition while putting together a nutrition and supplement program that will have you lean, muscular and energetic, for the body is the vessel that carries the life-force.
  • Intellect – Learn about things that really excite you.  Whatever you gravitate towards, chances are, this is your calling.  If you love it, learning it, working at it and becoming a master of it will not seem like work at all.  Instead it will excite you, making every day an exciting adventure.

** I’d also suggest learning and reading about the human body as much as you can, for it is simply the most incredible instrument you will ever use.

  • Emotional intelligence – Learn to let go of old baggage, past hurts and allow yourself to really feel your feelings and not make yourself wrong for feeling a certain way. As one of my teachers at Training In Power suggests, your feelings are like the layers of an onion, as they come, you are basically peeling them off.  So relax into them, don’t try to control them, observe them, learn to trust the process and let them go.
  • Spiritual – In my humble opinion is all about connecting to the love that is within each of us and in the entire Universe.  For we are made up of this Universal love and can learn to tap into it. We can let go of being victims in someone else’s play of life and can become the creator, producer, director and star of our own life.  We can begin to “dream our dreams with open eyes and live the life we’ve imagined”.

If you would only learn to “go inside” of yourself, you would learn that you are greater then the sum of your fears.  You would learn that you can do and be more than you ever dreamed possible.

And when the time is right for you – I suggest that you begin to connect with this undeniable force within.

You can begin with meditation, and follow the teachings of Deepak Chopra for example, you can go to Blue Morpho Tours www.bluemorphotours.com in Peru if you are up for an adventure of a lifetime or you can check out Training In Power www.traininginpower.com just to name a few.  Or try all three!

The above are all pieces to the puzzle.  Maybe you’ve thought of many of them before? Maybe you’ve wanted to change your career, your body, your nutrition or your relationships for awhile.  Maybe you have a limiting belief system that keeps you from achieving these changes?  Maybe your subconscious is keeping you stuck, or your limiting (subconscious again) beliefs or energy are maintaining the status quo?

It has been scientifically proven that EVERYTHING in the Universe is made up of energy.  If you think that your thoughts, feelings and those from previous relationships, childhood and misfortunes hasn’t in some way impacted you and is still being carried around inside somehow, somewhere, I’m sorry but you are sadly mistaken.  From experience I tell you this to be true. I don’t expect or even want you to believe me.  I want you to experience for yourself before you make judgement.  Then and only then can you make that declaration.

And maybe you aren’t interested in exploring your “demons” or being liberated from your fears? Maybe you are happy with the way things are?  That is ok. BUT, the day you begin to explore the very depth that is you, is the day that you begin to really live.

It is the day that you find out who you really are, what you are really made of. As Marianne Williamson said in her poem ‘ A Return To Love’, “As you are liberated from your fears, your presence automatically liberates others”.

So when you’re ready to explore ALL of the possibilities and really live an extra-ordinary life, challenge yourself.  Stop hiding out in nothingness.  Find yourself.  Grow and Become. Become Unbroken.  Become Unbreakable.

“Our Fear is not the we are inadequate, Our Fear is that We are POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE”

– Marianne Williamson


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