Re-Think What You Think You Know…In a world in which programming is paramount from the time of our inception and an age in which our very existence is in question and is a direct reflection of this programming, the time is NOW to barter for a better world. Across the planet, communities are waking to the realization that CHANGE is required across all facets of society. A Conscious Endeavor delves into the underbelly of the current state of affairs of a societal model built on deception, lies, competition and reactionary means of wellness (meaning once we are sick then we act), details the over 25 years experiential journey of author Lee Davy and the tools to create health, happiness and abundance through the 4 Pillars (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) of health. Finally, A Conscious Endeavor proposes the opportunity for a new model of society. A society based in full disclosure and truth, one proposing collaboration, creativity and preventative measures to help YOU Discover Your Truth, Meaning and Create a Purposeful Life – A way in which we were all meant to live.


I wanted to give you a full head start at minimal cost, which is why, with the purchase of my book – Conscious Endeavor – you’ll receive your 40 day workbook absolutely free.

This workbook is a day by day, step by step implementation of how to get you from where you are, to where you to be.

If you feel that you need more than this, I’m always only a message away and you can reach out.

This will get you moving forward in the right direction though!

I hope you enjoy!

RAMP is the next BIG home training system.

It can be done at home with minimal equipment, or a training facility with various weights and apparatus’. The choices and variations are endless.

RAMP is different. RAMP is THE game changer, THE most innovative training system ever assembled. RAMP is based on sound science and is designed to increase Growth Hormone (GH) production naturally, increase strength and lean muscle rapidly and provides the variety in training necessary to allow you to continually progress, surpass plateaus and achieve the health and fitness level you’ve always desired!

Changing sets, reps, exercises and even tempo is the fasted way to results – GUARANTEED! “It has been proven time again with research by the leading experts in our industry” says Lee Davy, RAMP creator. The RAMP method provides all of these variations in a very comprehensible methodology, that, once learned will enable even the most novice trainee to develope lean gains rapidly.

Manipulating sets, reps, exercises and tempo certainly is not new to resistance training, but the way in which RAMP varies them, IS!

Isn’t it time you GET RAMPED?!

Modern Day Samurai

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Insights, meditations, musing and observations...philosophies of navigation, understanding and expressing the human condition and all that we are. The internal exploration and external observation of people and how we act, how we fit in and survive and what it takes to learn, heal and grow.

What's it like to be the observer, observing your own thoughts, how people act and interact and what one can do to heal onself.