“there is no basis for saying diet/exercise can trump sun light in any respect. There is, however, a large meme in circulation that believes this as a truth. Why do I believe as I do? Photosynthesis forms the basis of all food webs on the planet. Light from the sun preceded food and DHA preceded photosynthesis and the Cambrian explosion. Therefore the sequence of events make it likely and probable that light trumps food at all levels of biologic organization”

– Dr. Jack Kruse

I’ve started following this gentleman. He talks about Light, Water and Magnetism being the keys to our physiology at the quantum level.
Since I’ve been on Mui, I’ve been earthing while sitting in the sun almost daily, I’ve been structuring and reducing the ORP value of my water, my circadian rhythm is nearly bang on with the sun rise, sun set and I’ve been using blue blocking glasses while on my devices and or inside at night.
Why is this important? Why does it matter?
Earthing or grounding is an important factor in decreasing the bodies overall net negative ion charge. Why is this important? As this imbalance increases due to wearing shoes and often living in structures and concrete jungles (cities) our overall exposure to the earth has diminished. The result is more and more build up of inflammation in the body, which of course leads to dis-ease in the body.
Direct skin and eye contact with the sunshine creates an entire cascade of goodness in our bodies.
According to Dr. Kruse “Vitamin D3 is synthesized from cholesterol in the skin, upon exposure to UVB rays from the sun. This makes cholesterol become sulfated which allows it to easily change photo-electrically to Vitamin D. Further modification occurs in the kidney to make the active form of Vitamin D3.  In fact, the chemical formula of vitamin D is almost indistinguishable from that of cholesterol”…hmmmm
In conjunction with the above and among many other things, UV light also makes Dopamine via Tyrosine, but guess what…if you’re covered with tons of clothing, tons of sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and funny hats, your exposure to the healing cascade coming from the sunshines various red and UV healing light rays is notta. Then factor in where on the planet you live. Beginning to get the picture?
No this isn’t some funny code or play for the quarter back to run during a football game, there is actually a lot of scientific evidence coming forward that the lights that we humans have created, along with our technologies are in fact killing us slowly. The important component here is our major visual perception faculty. Yes, the eye. The same reason it needs exposure from the sun is why we need to protect them from blue light.
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