Our mission is to significantly impact the lives of the youth, on a global scale, by developing the mind, body, and spirit of the individual.

Our unique approach to service, education, and philanthropy empowers, educates, and contributes to our overall vision of enabling any child to enhance their life despite their circumstances.

Culture is Everything

        “A Greater Good Foundation” has taken unordinary & made it a way of life. Our environment fosters energy of love, compassion, creativity, & enthusiasm. We encourage our youth to think outside of the box. We provide the support & resources for them to imagine & innovate beyond their circumstantial limitation(s).

Our educational atmosphere advocates teaching by way of genuine engagement, open dialogue, and experience. Our foundation relishes its existence on extra-ordinary: incubation of talent, guidance & support for the misled, self-education, and faith based on understanding.

For more information and to connect with A Greater Good Foundation, please click their website.

A Greater Good Foundation is such an incredible organization, doing incredible things for the youth of Chicago. I met these young gentlemen at a conference a little over a year ago. They embody and have instilled the mind – body – spirit principles that I have aspired to cultivate, practice and share myself.

I wanted to do something impactful to share these important principles, tools and methods while lending support to the endeavor of Anthony, Charles, Cody and A Greater Good Foundation.

In this light, I will be holding a live webinar in early April (details to come this week), in which I’ll be sharing some of my best Bio-Spirit Hacking tools.

All proceeds will be going to A Great Good Foundation.

I hope you will join me in this important event, give a little and gain so much more!

In Light, Love, Gratitude & Service,

Lee Davy