Yes, The Time IS Now.


Throughout a lifetime of search and discovery, and a keen eye looking back, I realize now the fortunate-ness my journey, also known as my life, has taken.

I am very grateful and have been very blessed to encounter many great teachers and mentors. I have discovered and accumulated tools of health, wellness and spiritual consciousness.

The above leaving me with a knowing-ness that our time here, our journey and our evolution can be positively impacted and vastly more meaningful and fulfilling with the contemplation and betterment of the Self utilizing 4 key Pillars.

More specifically, working on and honing all facets of the Self, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, will enable you to make the most out of your journey.

I’d like to suggest, similar to Alexander Graham Bell’s suggestion to identify and work on your Key Virtues (he had 13), to continually work on all 4 pillars throughout your time on earth.

If you continue to do so, as the inscription at the Greek Temple at Delphi said, “you shall know all the secrets of the Gods and the Universe”, which in turn, creates joy and freedom – in every sense of the word – in the process.

There are several commonalities that the 4 pillars share.

Be patient. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, you’re not likely to sculpt the body of your dreams, release emotional feelings and trauma’s and become spiritually and energetically enlightened overnight. It will take many, many long – sometimes rough hours, lots of sweat, a great number of tears, maybe some cursing, times when you’ll feel like throwing in the towel and giving up, but if you are patient and believe in the outcomes you are working towards, you will get there. You know what they say? Patience is a virtue.

Always be open to learning. Never think you’re all knowing. There is always somebody that knows more than you or simply they may have a slightly different take on something that maybe you’ve never thought of. If you are open minded and approach things from the viewpoint that you know little or with your mind as an “empty cup” as Bruce Lee would often say, it will allow you to fill that cup regularly with new important pieces of knowledge.

“Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality”

It may be that one critical piece of knowledge that sets your training free or takes it to the next level. Maybe it’s the piece of the puzzle that actually allows you to enjoy your training or the entire process. And remember. We are all teachers and we all have something to learn.

Find a goal. I keep harping about goals, however they are paramount to success! You need to find something that inspires you to continue growing in each of these areas. Under the physical pillar, at first it may be just to get in better shape, to go on a trip, learn how to fight / selfdefense or to run a 10k race. With the emotional and spiritual pillars, perhaps you are tired of repeating the same patterns, want to feel more, release hurt feelings and old trauma, strengthen and evolve your relationships, while the mental pillar could be seen as an opportunity to discover your purpose, create bigger goals and help more people. A great way to begin to commit to some of these ideas is to begin telling people what you’re going to work towards. It’s a round-about way to help hold yourself accountable.

Enjoy the process. Again, likely the most difficult part. Especially in the beginning! Remembering to take the time to revisit where you came from. Enjoy the fruits of your labors along the way as you would have earned the right. An easy way to do this is to create check points. If you set these smaller goals, it will give you something to shoot for regularly. Once you reach a goal, celebrate the milestone. Treat yourself to a spa day or a nice (healthy) dinner with friends, throw yourself a party and invite those closest to you. Just remember that achieving your overall goal will take time, but realize you are moving in the right direction. The more you celebrate and give thanks for where you are and what you’ve achieved, the more you will attract to you.

Strive for excellence. As with anything you do, strive for excellence. That doesn’t mean perfection. Know that you are perfectly imperfect. With this knowledge that perfection is a fallacy, realize that you can, however strive for personal excellence. Do as much as you can, give it everything you’ve got, and know you can always strive for more. Remember though, to acknowledge where you’ve come from, celebrate your wins, and only compete against yourself. Balance is the key.

When you begin to look at the the emotional/spiritual pillars more closely, you’ll notice that I’ve combined these two pillars, as our emotion is tied into us spiritually and vice versa.

Of course all of the pillars are closely and intricately woven together; however you can’t ignore the significance of the number 4, which is in part why I’ve chosen to include 4 Pillars. I believe without the energetic nature and spiritual understanding of our emotions, if comprehended alone and from a purely intellectual perspective, that we would in fact miss the mark and thus the deeper understanding needed in order to truly recognize, feel and ultimately let go of (our negative) emotions.

Embracing 4 Pillars, instead of 3 or some other number allows us to make things whole and solid. It gives us a strong foundation. Think of the 4 seasons, 4 directions and the 4 elements. The number 4 is tied energetically to worthiness, endurance, to building solid foundations, security, stability, ability, system, order, maintenance, completion, basic form of order, instinctual knowledge, and the realization of power, just to name a few.

Physical Pillar

At the basis of a healthy body of course is a healthy physical vessel. Even though we are just a puppet-ty meat suit dancing around, it doesn’t downplay the importance of having a strong, mobile, fit physical meat suit.

Our longevity and breadth of what we’ll be able to accomplish will be dictated by how long we’re able to stick around down here (those who know, will know what I mean).

No form of movement is better than another, it’s just different. Whether Olympic lifting, yoga, gymnastics, dance, powerlifting, bootcamp, or sprinting. Maybe do one activity until you are ready to explore something else. My point? Do what you enjoy, although I would suggest to learn to enjoy some amount of weight training along with the other activities that you enjoy – it’s just too important not to.

Everyone’s goals will of course be different, however, for the optimal physical benefit, you really want to become a combination of strong, flexible, lean, agile, and mobile. The more well balanced you can become and the more you push your threshold of fit and healthy, the better off you’ll be. Start with what you enjoy, work it into your habitual nature, into your routine, and then build on it from there, trying new things from time to time – for a period of time.

The underlying themes with overall health are to find something you are passionate about, create balance, make it a lifestyle, and continue to find new things that motivate you.

Mental Pillar

We must possess a healthy mind and learn what to focus on. We must learn the difference between the conscious/subconscious mind and how to choose what we want in our lives and in our consciousness. As previously stated, ultimately, everything is vibrational frequency. Once we learn to tune our minds to the right frequency, we begin to unlock the secrets of living well, minimize stress and anxiety and manifest love, abundance, health, happiness and anything else we desire. We begin to alter and positively impact our old limiting patterns and habits.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t taught these valuable lessons early on or ever in most cases.

If you are never taught that everything that you are, how you act, what you think, your attitude, your behavior, the actions you take or don’t take on a daily basis, and your perception all dictate the results that will come into your life. If you are never told that you can control, just by how you think, what comes into your life, the fact is you will continue to have some good days and some bad. Some positive results and some negative. Two steps forward and one step back – or worse – one step forward and two steps back.

When you learn this invaluable information and you learn the Law – the Universal Laws that is – then you learn to think of the life that you want and just like magic, it begins to manifest in your reality.

Spiritual & Emotional Pillar

With all of the programming that I’ve thus far discussed, it is little wonder that we humans believe we are just that – human. In other words, the majority of people on earth, believe they are physical beings and that (maybe) we have a spirit or we experience spiritual phenomena. What most don’t realize is that we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience.

From Bruce Lee (one of the most mentally and spiritually focused martial artists ever to Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist) and everyone in between, there is a growing realization – a remembering if you will – that we are in fact spiritual beings.

deGrasse Tyson says, “We are in the Universe, but more importantly the Universe is in us”, Bruce admonished that Jeet Kundo was, “not a matter of petty techniques, but of highly developed spirituality and physique.”

Bob Munroe (The Munroe Institute) Faye Fitzgerald (Training In Power) agree; we waited in line – a long line, for a long time – to get here to have this human experience. We came to try to help on a much larger scale than what the human mind can comprehend.

The point is that if you feel that something is amiss, if you are ‘really stressed’ or anxious, you feel ‘off’ in any way, or something about what you’ve been told, taught or born into doesn’t resonate, chances are, that’s your spirit trying to get you to wake up. If you begin to develop any kind of prolonged sickness, it’s your spirit trying to shake you awake! If you don’t listen, your spirit will knock you on your behind until you begin to listen.

We can tune into these ethereal bodies and energies. We can heal emotional scarring, elevate energetically, remove old traumatic experiences from ourselves, and become stronger on all planes. We can live without disease and sickness. Our entire world can morph into something beautiful and spectacular.

But you’ve got to be open, willing to search, become a little vulnerable, really willing to feel your feelings…

in the end I can assure you, it will make your journey and your time here more worth while.