21 Days to Create Your Life


Building new habits takes discipline, a system and repetition. Over the next 21 days, although seemingly redundant, the repetition is the key to transformation. Repetition is the component that we utilize to learn when we are young and it is the key component utilized to overcome old limiting beliefs, habits and patterns, while building new ones.

Three videos in total may not seem like much, but when you repeat the sessions daily along with the exercises described, you begin to be aware of habits that may no longer be serving you. Since awareness precedes transformation, and as you become more aware of the way you do things, you will have the tools and means to make positive changes.

By the time you are finished, you will have an entirely new perspective and understanding as to where you are in your life now, and where you desire to go.

Enjoy the process and expect to have it all!

As you begin to look inward and ask questions as to what you really desire your life to look like, you’ll want to do so with your imagination – as if you have a secret genie and can manifest anything at all. When you change your focus and use your will to continuously think about what you desire as if it’s already happened, it will by Law manifest into form.

The 11 questions is the first video to get you thinking about yourself and your life a little differently.

Have fun with the process and enjoy the next 21 Days…

11 Questions

And don’t forget…

You Really Can Create Your Life by Design!

Self Image

The Self Image lesson is a major step in the self assessment process. We all have an image of ourselves that was given to us, by our parents, school, etc. It’s apart of our paradigm. And the paradigm is a multitude of habits (how we see our selves, how we operate, behave, etc) passed onto us by others when we were in our youth.

As you move through the next 21 days, be open and extremely honest with yourself, what you desire, how you operate and the changes you wish to make.

If you do, you’ll be on the road to manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Enjoy the process, expect to have it all and don’t forget..

Create Your Life by Design!!

Now that you’ve spent some time pondering what you truly desire, you know, your passion, purpose driven WANTS. We can now begin the process of Goal Setting AND Achieving – two completely different things.

We will also begin to focus on building in the mindset and habits necessary to manifest anything you desire.

Success is a System, not a secret.

If you follow the process as outlined in these videos, it will help you draw on things from within that you didn’t even know were there, you’ll grow, you’ll begin to look at things differently, you’ll feel differently and then, just like magic, things will begin to change in your physical reality.

Goal Achieving & Manifestation

As you continue to change on the inside, the outside will reflect back to you those changes.

THIS, is the beauty of this work. As you work on your inner Self, the magnified reflective of will mirror those changes back to you.

Commit to the repetition, Commit to viewing each video every day and commit to doing the exercises. I guarantee you will change as you do these things.

And don’t worry, we aren’t finished. After this 21 days, we’ve got a slightly different perspective and 30 days of coaching coming up!

I’ve created my life by design and I know you can too!

You really can Create Your Life by Design!

It begins with a choice!!