Hey There! My name is Lee Davy. Welcome to my Website

I’m a Superhuman Activation Specialist.

I am dedicated to service, to everyone, anywhere. My Mission is to guide you in re-activating your Superhuman capabilities, while WE re-establish Universal Love and brotherhood to Transform Ourselves and the Planet.

The Grand Awakening is upon us! WE are shifting from carbon to crystalline BEINGS. Our bodies are the most intelligent thing we have, but we need to utilize them more intentionally. Using consistent, concerted and committed discipline – and time I will support you in reactivating your latent superhuman capabilities in order to transform ourselves, our communities and the world.

Our capacity to access and activate our Divine Universal Selves quickens with exponential intensity. We are asked to anchor these Divine transmissions into our forms with intention, mindfulness, and vigorous movement becoming fully embodied.

I’d be honoured to walk with you on your epically intense, beautiful and profound journey back to Personal Mastery!  

 Superhuman Activation Retreats

The POWER IS WITHIN YOU and my specially curated retreats will ACTIVATE YOUR SUPERHUMAN SELF!

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Private Coaching & Consulting

Together we will collaboratively reawaken your inquisitive, playful spirit of self discovery and consciousness.

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What People are Saying

Thank you doesn’t even begin to express how grateful I am! What an insane, awakening, mind blowing, eye opening, magical experience. I got into my car and bust into tears. This is something that I will definitely continue to practice daily.

Would I recommend working with Lee?  IN A HEART BEAT!

Lee has helped me change my life!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Jenn Abbott

If I had to summarize what I have received from undertaking Lee’s coaching, I would say it is:  True Empowerment & Clarity.

Lee truly brings together a powerful fusion of true human wellness wisdom that combines his journey of self-discovery, extensive knowledge of holistic health, energy and healing arts along with a most sincere and genuine interest to help you heal and connect to your most highest self.

Anastasia Soutos

My first phone call session with Lee activated a shift which lead to a commitment in action.  I have been doing energetic and spiritual work for many years however when it came to taking care of my physical body I have been struggling since becoming a mother.  I have been doing yoga but my body was craving strength and embodiment.  After my 60 min phone session with Lee , he was able to work with me to identify what has been holding me back.  Once I was able to make this connection I hit the gym and have been committed since. Truth. I honestly can’t explain what happened, but it did and I am grateful for his guidance, support, so much knowledge and intuitive knowing.

Shauna Ireland

“Overall, Lee is a complete bad-ass who is incredibly humble! In working with Lee, I learned to live more in the realm of possibility and in the now. I learned deeply that we are all connected at the quantum level and that we all truly matter. Each action we take is either helping or hindering the whole and no deed goes unnoticed. I learned discipline as well as the mechanics of manifestation. Lee gently guides one to look into all areas of your life and go within yourself to find what you are looking for. I worked with Lee for a year and had many breakthroughs. I greatly improved my perception and relationship with myself and therefore my life greatly improved during the time. Often times we need someone to gently nudge and guide us back to ourselves, to our dreams and to our potential.

Austin Otting
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Global Guidance & Co-Creation

Our Mission is to create a new global guidance system, collaborative platform, and community model giving support, voice, and opportunity to change makers, healers, educators, global strategists to raise the health and consciousness of all people on the planet.

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In striving for self-mastery, we must cultivate both the mind and the body.

Lee Davy is a hybrid-aggregate wellness specialist.  A trainer of trainers and coach of coaches for decades, passionately edifying clients with his unique coalescence of mindful practices and fierce conditioning regimens. A former “gym guy,” Lee owned and operated the Dynamic Conditioning Centre, a multi-disciplinary fitness facility, for over 10 years in Toronto, Canada, training a diverse array of top performers to shed paradigms, release perceived boundaries, and reach new levels of athletic exceptionalism.  He has studied the great masters of history exhaustively, compiling his work into two books, Conscious Endeavor and Life the Dance; Philosophies of Navigation, Understanding & Expression, and has published a home training manual, Ramp, a number of online fitness courses and guided meditations, and Recess, a specialized health curriculum for children and youth.

Lee speaks at wellness seminars and conferences worldwide, runs a regular series of personal development retreats, workshops and one day events, and works directly with a selection of private clients.  He is the architect of a balanced schedule of physical training, breathwork, ice therapy, dietary analysis and adjustment, meditation, energy healing, mindfulness, study, and medicinal guided plant journeys tailored to the needs of each individual seeking a new plateau of autogenous expertise.

His method collaboratively reawakens an inquisitive, playful spirit of discovery and consciousness through discipline, honour, and relentless integrity.  He catalyzes the co-creation of a better self, and the reconstruction of our natural attunement to right action and practices.

The power to actualize the greater self is dormant in everyone.  Lee is here now to lead us on our sacred journey to open the mind, honour the spirit, and hone the physical, as we once again embody Divinity in form.

“I have a formula to take you back to who you truly are, to KNOWING THYSELF”

I honour your Highest and best Self and Humbly look forward to hearing from You!

In Light, Gratitude & Service,

The Time Is Now

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