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The Modern Day Samurai

Mind Body Spirit Success Coach, Since 2015

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Fusing ancient ritual, modern day practices and authentic adventure into transformational experiences.

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What People are Saying

Thank you doesn’t even begin to express how grateful I am! What an insane, awakening, mind blowing, eye opening, magical experience. I got into my car and bust into tears. This is something that I will definitely continue to practice daily.

Would I recommend working with Lee?  IN A HEART BEAT!

Lee has helped me change my life!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Jenn Abbott
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My name is Lee Davy. I’ve become known as the Modern Day Samurai, but you can call me Davy.  I’m so grateful to have been able to Leverage a life-long quest into study and understanding from many of the true masters and wisdom keepers of our time. I have experienced ancient knowledge/medicine, healing, positive thinking, transformation, metaphysics, energy work, physical wellness and other forms of Self- Mastery. I have spent three decades gathering tools, doing deep internal work and creating my own content.

“I humbly submit to you my life’s journey and work from over 30 years of Self discovery and personal growth. I wish only to share with you what I have learned over a life time of searching and studying the health, consciousness and healing arts. I wish for you to gain the same clarity & connection that comes from working with and mastering the mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual mixture from which we are all made.”

I honour your Highest and best Self. Let’s connect today!

In Light, Gratitude & Service,

The Time Is Now

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